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Maresware: Linux Forensics provides tools for investigating computer records while running under the LINUX operating system on Intel processors. It is useful to all types of investigators, including law enforcement, intelligency agency, private investigator, and corporate internal investigator. Used within a forensic paradigm, the software enables discovery of evidence for use in criminal or civil legal proceedings. Internal investigators can develop documentation to support disciplinary actions, yet do so non-invasively, to preserve evidence that could end up in court.

Below is a brief overview of the programs. Program names are links to more information and complete documentation.

Bates_no  A unique program for adding identifying numbers to filenames in e-documents. Prepare your records for evidentiary use or simply use as a records management tool.
Catalog   Catalogs every file on a Linux file system. Also identifies headers. Similar to Maresware Diskcat(which is DOS based).
Hash   Performs MD5 (CRC, or SHA) hash of every file on a drive.
Hashcmp   Compares outputs of successive hash runs.
Md5   Calculates MD5 hash of a file. MIT's Linux source code for MD5 has been compiled to run on a Linux operating system.
Strsrch   Searches files for text strings. Similar to Maresware Strsrch(which is DOS based).
Converts *ix text to DOS text.

The outputs of Hash and Strsrch are designed to be compatible with the outputs of the DOS programs, so outputs can be merged if desired.


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