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E-mail Dan Mares at the address on the bottom of this page

Dan Mares' v. 6.5.2 PGP key
Dan Mares' v. 8 PGP key

If you are an old timer using the command line version of PGP 6.x use that key. If you are using the newer GUI version of 7 and above, use the 8 key. Otherwise the PGP 6.x key will import but not encrypt. For some reason they did not make version 7 and above backwards encryption compatable. Even though the key loads into the keyring.

Sometimes Cell: ( 6AM-7PM eastern time) 678.427.3275
Leave a message or your number will be put on the call reject list.

Via E-Mail to dan    at    dmares    dot com

NOTE: Certain domains (.info for one) identified as originators of spam messages have been locked out of our e-mail server. If you send an e-mail, and don't get a response within a few days, it is because your e-mail has been blocked by the firewall. If this is the case please call us with that specific reference. If you do not hear from us in a few days, please call and identify your e-mail address and it will be passed through the server.


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