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Maresware: Data Analysis Software

With Maresware: Data Analysis you can access and analyze data from almost any source, mainframe to PC. You have the tools to extract, manipulate, and validate all your data and transactions. The programs are designed to process FIXED length records. Non-fixed length (or pipe delimited) records are quickly converted for PC use. And all Maresware affords you extremely rapid processing of files of virtually unlimited size. Read more below about the software and its advantages:

If you have csv files, they are little more complicated to reform to fixed length records. But with practice, and the right tools, the conversion can be made.

Capabilities and Applications

Data Analysis has users in every industry, in both the private and public sectors. It is heavily used by internal and external auditors, fraud investigators, information systems specialists, and internal security personnel.

Frequently used functions include:

  • comparisons and exceptions-testing
  • stratification and aging
  • statistical sampling or creating test samples
  • identifying gaps
  • analyzing date and numerical sequences
  • identifying duplicates

Examples of specific applications include:

  • audits of financial statements
  • audits of accounting and reporting methods
  • policy compliance reviews
  • internal security investigations and log reviews
  • fraud investigations, including: purchase and payments; payroll; money-laundering
  • statistical reviews--including summaries and rankings of: inventory, customers, or product lines
  • management reviews of performance measures for its sales force, divisions/regions, or support departments
  • price analyses and payment statistics
  • data file transfers from legacy systems to a new system and format


Key Features
  • Speed and High capacity: Extremely rapid processing of files of virtually unlimited size (This design feature is engineered through the use of highly-efficient C-programming and by the development of non-integrated, highly-targeted individual programs.) Read our statistics on rapid processing.
  • User Control: By selecting which program(s) to use, the user--not the software--determines each step of the analysis and specifies his preferred output format. All programs use similar command line options.
  • Flexibility: Do streamlined single-step tasks or use any combination/sequence of programs for multi-step operations. Automate for unattended processing. And simplify repetitive tasks or set up continuous monitoring with familiar batch-file procedures.
  • Comprehensive Audit trail: Document a complete history of your procedures and findings at every step. This documentation can be easily converted to batch file processing.


To learn more about the individual programs, read the Data Analysis Software List and follow the links there for complete documentation, sample programs, or to purchase individual programs. If you already know the name of the individual program, go directly to it now by clicking on the appropriate alphabetical link at the bottom of this page(ex.: Files A-C).


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