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Maresware: Computer Forensics

Maresware: Computer Forensics software provides an essential set of tools for investigating computer records and securing private information. It is highly flexible to meet the needs of all types of investigators including: law enforcement, intelligence agency, private investigator, corporate security officers, and human resources personnel. Used within a forensic paradigm, the software enables discovery of evidence for use in criminal or civil legal proceedings. Internal investigators can develop documentation to support disciplinary actions, yet do so non-invasively, to preserve evidence that could end up in court. IT managers can quickly wipe drives to DOD standards for reuse, retirement, or for compliance with HIPAA and other privacy of information regulations. Read more below about the software and its advantages:

Some frequently used functions of Maresware: Computer Forensics

  • discovery of "hidden" files(such as NTFS Alternate Data Streams)
  • for incident response purposes
  • evaluation of timelines
  • key word searching
  • files verification
  • drive wiping for information privacy and security
  • file reformatting
  • documenting all the examiner's steps and procedures

Sime programs of special interest from Maresware: Computer Forensics

  • Bates_no --a unique program for adding identifying numbers to filenames in e-documents to prepare records for evidentiary use. Or simply use as a records management tool.
  • Upcopy --a sophisticated copy program. Copies source files (directories) to a destination (directory), while maintaining full path and meta information (file dates/times). Excellent for maintenance purposes, or evidence discovery.
  • X-Ways Meta Data --a program to parse (and select items from )the large meta data field produced by the X-Ways export list option. There is also a version to parse the X-Ways html report.
  • URL_SRCH --searches thru all text files in a tree, and finds IP's, E-mail addresses, URL's, Credit Card #'s, SSN's and other items.


Key Features of Maresware: Computer Forensics

  • Speed and High capacity: Extremely rapid processing of files of virtually unlimited size (a design feature engineered through the use of highly-efficient C-programming and by the development of non-integrated, highly-targeted individual programs). Read our statistics on rapid processing.
  • User Control: By selecting which program(s) to use, the user--not the software--determines each step of the analysis and specifies his preferred output format. All programs use similar command line options.
  • Flexibility: Do streamlined single-step tasks or use any combination and sequence of programs for multi-step operations. Automate for unattended processing. Simplify repetitive tasks with familiar batch-file procedures.
  • Documentation of examiner's procedures: Document a complete history of your procedures and findings at every step. Provide proof of the authenticity and integrity of the evidence.


To learn more about individual programs: read the Computer Forensics Software List and follow the links there for complete documentation, sample programs, or to purchase individual programs. If you already know the name of the individual program, go directly to it now by clicking on the appropriate alphabetical link at the bottom of this page(ex: Files A-C).


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