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Includes: Add_recl / Bates_no / Bsearch / Chs_conv / Chsize / Collate / Compare / Copy_ads / Crckit / Crc_test

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All programs are command line programs.
MUST be run within a command window as administrator.

Reminder, The software is now free, and (generally) UNSUPPORTED.

Adds a 4 byte record length to each record in a file

The Add_recl program is designed to help reformat (variable length) carriage return delimited records.

Occasionally databases contain records whose individual layout or format can be identified by a value located in a specific field of the record. Different record types (formats) within the file will be identified by a unique value associated with that particular record format. These record formats represent records of varying sizes. But within each record type (format), the length of that record is usually consistent.

Databases write these records to carriage return delimited files. Add_recl will read each record and add, or prepend, to each record the 4 byte value equal to the length of that particular record. This 4 byte record length now makes the record compatible with the Maresware Search.exe program and allows the user to search these records for specific record types as identified.

This is a free program provided without any warranties or claims of use.

Download the executable  | 


Renumbers and/or copies files while renaming them to include a Bates number (also available for Linux)

Be sure to check the help file for additional information about this program.

Bates_no is a program which helps attorneys(or anyone using the Bates numbering system) to identify e-documents. While many programs can be used for Bates stamping individual pages in e-documents, few will assign Bates numbers to the filenames. Bates_no will. This feature is useful in identifying files for discovery and evidentiary purposes as well as for records management. The program was developed at the request of an attorney specializing in forensic processing of computer data and designed with his assistance.

Bates_no can renumber files in place (the files should have already been copied to a work location). Or it can copy files and renumber as it copies to a single destination directory.

The Bates numbers can be placed either before the filename or before the filename extension. Bates_no does not number the individual pages of your documents.

Bates_no can create a secondary output file in HTML format. (2/2004) Many users create .pdf or .htm files for discovery purposes, then use Bates_no to rename all the files with the bates number. This secondary file contains a link to all the files that have been renamed with a bates number. This allows direct links to the files using a browser.

There is also an Undo feature to remove the numbers you've assigned.

Get bates_no.exe  |  Get sample files and batch  |  Get Linux 32 and 64 bit bates_no  | 
View the html help file.  | 


Search sorted file for keys

The input file MUST be FIXED length, and MUST be SORTED on the key field.

Be sure to check the help file for additional information about this program.

Using a very fast, binary search algorithm the Bsearch program allows you to search a file(s) for occurrences of specific keys.

The program allows you to search a fixed length record file on a sorted field for the occurrence of specified search keys. Because of the algorithm used, the search is almost instantaneous. Consider the bsearch algorithm similar to searching an indexed data base for a key in one of the indexed fields. The response time is negligible.

For searching files that are not sorted, check out the Search program.

Because of the way Bsearch operates, it is not possible to offer a sample program. The version that is downloaded is not operational until fully registered by a licensed Maresware user.

  GET the 32 bit version  |  GET sample files and batch demo
View the html help file.  | 


A file cataloging utility for Linux

This program is designed to provide a list or catalog of all the files under a Linux operating system. It also displays file permissions and owner ID.

Its operation can be modified by command line options. It is similar to the DOS Diskcat program, but with different output format. A version of this program also exists for some Sun workstations.

Call if you need it.


A program to check environment variables

Be sure to check the help file for additional information about this program.

This is a 16 bit program which can be used to check if an environment variable has been set. If the variable is set, the program can check the value of the variable and report an error level based on the results of the check.

If used in a batch file, this program can be used to switch between different paths of execution.

No longer supported |  Get 16 bit chek_env.exe  |  View the html help file.  | 



A 32 bit program, Chs_conv will take a cylinder head sector (CHS, 200/20/15) and convert it into a linear sector number and vice versa. It can be be helpful in converting CHS to LBA values when the program you are using only supplies one value.

Even though with advent of LBA and linear sector addressing, the formula and calculation for linear to CHS still exists. This program will perform that calculation.

No longer supported  |  Get 32 bit chs_conv.exe  | 


Change a file's size

Be sure to check the help file for additional information about this program.

Chsize will alter/change the size of a file on the disk.

It can either expand (add to) the size of the file, or truncate (decrease) the size of the file. If the file is truncated, truncated data is lost.

This program can be used to develop test files of specific sizes.

 |  Get 32bit ch.exe  |  16 bit available upon request.  |  View the html help file.  | 


Collate 2 files together

Be sure to check the help file for additional information about this program.

This program will take two identically formatted files that are sorted and collate them together into one output file.

The files can be sorted in either ascending or descending order.

The files must be of a fixed record length, but do not need to have carriage returns as a record terminator.

GET the 32 bit .exe  |  GET sample files and batch  |  View the html help file.  | 


Compare 2 sorted files on a sorted field

Be sure to check the help file for additional information about this program.

Compare will compare two files that are sorted on the same sort field.

The records can be of a different structure, but the sorted or compare field must be the same. It will compare the records in a file designated as the 'A' file with records in a file designated as the 'B' file.

The user can select which fields from either file should produce the output record

 |  GET the 32 bit version  |  View the html help file.  | 
 |  GET demo files and batch  | 


Identify and Copy NTFS Alternate Data Streams

Be sure to check the help file for additional information about this program.

Once NTFS Alternate Data Stremas are identified, there is little most software will do to process the files. The Copy_ads program will identify Alternate Data Stream files located on an NTFS partition.

Copy_ads will also, if requested, extract the Alternate Data Stream and copy it to a destination of your choosing while placing the file in a "normal" file which can then be manipulated with traditional software.

GET Copy_Ads  |  View the html help file.  | 


Calculate 16 or 32 bit CRC of a file(s)

Be sure to check the help file for additional information about this program.

Crckit may be used for a number of different purposes:

It provides a 32 bit CRC and a 16 bit checksum of a file or files. The 32 bit value is identical to one created by the PKZIP program for its internal file integrity checks. This allows for a cross verification of any value that Crckit produces.

The output produced by Crckit is a fixed length record capable of being imported into a data base for additional analysis. It can be used to verify that a file has not been changed since a reference CRC was created.

It can also be used in a batch file to check the integrity of a program before execution.

You can check the hash program and download some sample files to test the software.

The 16 bit version of Crckit is no longer available online, but may be available on request.

 |  GET the 32 bit exe  |  View the html help file.  | 


Crc test

This test suite is no longer available. Check individual programs for sample demo batch files.


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