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Last Update: 06/25/2012

This is a command line program.
MUST be run within a command window as administrator.


This program was designed to work with the output of X-WAYS "export list" operation, or other tab delimeted output data files and create single line outputs of the respective fields in the record. This way, the new output file can be easily inserted into a report and instead of having "wide" records with multiple columns, you have a single line for each field. It makes inserting into a report much cleaner than trying to insert a wide spreadsheet type item. If you have a few, or many records, the fields within each record now shows up as seperate lines. See the sample data records here, and their new format after running thru the program. Note, all fields MUST be tab delimeted. Spaces used here for simplicity.

Email_Message_ID Name  Date       To:       From:          Subject 
001              Dan   6/24/2012  Anyone try this out
002              Mary  6/28/2012  Noone try this 2nd line 
003              Husky 6/21/2012  Everyone try this 3rd record 
Suppose these fields were very long. It would be inconvenient to insert to a report. But after the process, see how each record now looks. After:
Email_Message_ID  001
Name     Dan
Date     6/24/2012  
To:      Anyone       
Subject: try this out

Email_Message_ID  002
Name     Mary
Date     6/28/2012  
To:      Noone       
Subject: try this 2nd line

Email_Message_ID  003
Name     Dan
Date     6/21/2012  
To:      Everyone       
Subject: try this 3rd record
It is designed to take as input, a tab delimeted file which has as its first record the header fields of the record, and each succeeding record has the approriate tab delimeted fields.

It then creates an output file with seperate lines for each field within each record. Each line, is preceeded with the appropriate header value.



This program takes a single filename as its input. The file MUST be tab delimeted. The first row is assumed to be the column or field headers.

Each succeeding record/row is itself a tab delimeted record.

The program takes the input filename, parses the header row to determine each field's name. Then reads each row in turn. It parses each row, and places on a single line, the appropriate header, and its value from the record it read.

It continues to read and parse records until the end of the file. Short lines of less than 10 characters are ignored. This allows for errors in the input file.

The output file contains all the information in the input file, but formatted differently. Hopefully, easier to insert records into a report and make it easier for users to read individual data fields from the records.

The output file is the same name as the input, but has an extension of .VT for "verticle". Any existing output file of the same name, is overwritten.


Command Lines

C:>   verticle    inputfilename.ext
Output file has a new extension: inputfilename.VT



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