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Let it be known that Mares and Company, LLC has not authorized, told, advised, or in any other way given permission to anyone to copy files (including software and other documentation) from this web site to another web site for any purpose (which includes redistribution of the programs). This means that there are no places on the web, except this site ( where there are available sanctioned (official) copies of the software, help files and other documentation which is the property of Mares and Company, LLC.

Mares and Company, LLC has no authorized mirror sites of any type. If you find software produced by Mares and Company, LLC on any site other than this, be advised it is not a sanctioned copy, and users are reminded of possible problems encountered when downloading and using such files.

Mares and Company, LLC has, however, given permission to many sites to include links to this page. Do not confuse a link to this site with an unauthorized copy of software from this site. In fact, Mares and Company, LLC welcomes other sites to include links to this page.

The software is supplied AS IS with no warranty of usability, reliability or correctness. It is the users resonsibility to determine if the software meets their needs. copyright © notice for the software offered on this website.

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