The Mares Family Tree


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new house Our new house build.
furniture I have made.

Oreo, "cookie cat"     oreo 1   oreo 2   oreo and Gemini in their condo.   oreo in her condo
OREO  is very happy with the sleeping arrangements.
oreo as a troll, watching the cat door
Oreo, Nothing like a sip of dirty bird water.

The Munchkin     gemini 1, this cat is so cute, she should be illegal.    gemini 2   another picture.
Gemini   ralaxing, watching the super bowl.

Mamma Cassie (Oreo's mama)     Cassie 1    Cassie 2    Cassie 3
Cassie's   favorite activity, getting belly pet, or heaven on earth.

Newest Members, (Suede and Husky)
A wise man once said, "Big cats are dangerous, but a little pussy never hurt anyone"
They showed up in our yard Oct 2007, at about 5 months old.
We suspect they are brother and sister.

Husky 1, sweetest face. Even with his bandit mask on.
Husky 2 more of the big guy.
Husky 2, look at the size of his feet. (5 months old).
Big brother (2013) Husky, watching over little sister.
Husky  a 16 pound cat in an 8 pound box.
Keeping Guard  at the homestead.
Keeping watch   at the back door
Husky   This guys bark is bigger than his bite. And pitty the poor fool who crosses these fangs.
Husky   On his chair.
Husky   Awakening from a nap on a big chair.
Husky   You can guess his favorite food.
Husky   Big cat, small space.
Husky   Summer Relaxation with the real thing.
Husky the gimp  2014/10/01: With a broken foot. Not very happy

Bird Watching  How to bird watch.
Bird Watching  Lazy way to bird watch.

Sleepy time  His favorite napping location.
So Close  yet so far.Just too tired to get to the food.
Saturday  bath time.
Knocking  at the door.
Cat nap  in the catnip.
Guarding  the boot bench.

She lives up to everything written about her breed
She lives up to everything written about her another opinion

Sister suede., She is a small affection loving cat. Loves to get petted while she is eating. And she eats a lot.
suede Golden Eye
suede (2013) catching a toy mouse mid-air
suede sleepy cat.
suede  Her favorite sleeping spot.
suede  The Queen on her thrown.(Thats a chair covered with Crypton fabric.)
suede  The Queen on her thrown.(Thats a chair covered with Crypton fabric.)
suede  Sleppy Cat.
suede  The camoflaged hunter. She is an expert chip-munker.

They are almost a year old now (4/2008).

The twins  Settling down for a nap.
Brotherly love  protect my little sister.
What a look sweet easy going guy   and getting ready for his bath

And yet another visitor. Tom Gray, comes around once in a while to visit the girls.
We don't know who owns him. He just shows up looking for some affection. Haven't seen him for about a year. Hope he's OK.
Tom Gray.



Movie stars they are not.

Suede    perfecting hunting skills.
Suede   More hunting.

Suede   Catching her mouse.

suede  Playing with her toys.

Heaven on earth
Cassie's   favorite activity, or heaven on earth.
What is a brother to do
Husky   being a loving brother.