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Maresware: Data Analysis--List of Programs

Maresware: Data Analysis is a package of command-line driven utilities designed specifically for data analysis. You may purchase the package or any individual program.

Programs include a wide variety of capabilities for data discovery and analysis, hard disk profiling and files preparation. For an overview of the features, functions, and applications of this package, see Maresware: Data Analysis Software.

Follow the links below to read complete descriptions of the individual programs.

Bsearch: Perform binary search of sorted file.
Collate: Collate two sorted files together.
Compare: Compare two files on common sorted field.
Crckit: Perform 32 bit CRC or MD5 on file(s).
Diskcat: Catalog all files on a drive. (performs CRC, and header checks)
Filbreak: Reform fields of a record.
Filsplit: Split off sections of a file. For sampling or other uses.
Findrecl: Confirm published record length of fixed length records.
Hexdump: Display a file in Hexadecimal format.
Hexedit: Edit a file in hexadecimal or ASCII format.
Kiting: Perform date difference (kiting) calculations on date fields.
Pagefmt: Quick text page report formatter. (Free)
Pipefix: Convert pipe (|) or other delimited files to fixed length records.
Random: Generate "random" numbers for sampling or other purposes.(Free)
Rm/Rmd: Overwrite, cleanse, clean slack space of files or drives.
Search: Perform logical or boolean search criteria on fields in a file.
Split: Split a file into manageable pieces.
Sortcheck: Validate sort integrity of a file.(Free)
Total: Total numeric fields for sorted records.
Unique: Remove multiple duplicate key records.
Unsplit: Merges back the results of the split program.
Upcopy: An intelligent copy program.

To add computer forensics, systems maintenance, and computer security functions to your toolkit, see Maresware: The Suite.


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