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Craig Ball is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced trial attorneys in the field of electronic/digital evidence and e-discovery. Check out his articles on this page. Craig Ball articles

If you can't find it on this page, try one of these three:

NATIONAL CLEARINGHOUSE FOR SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY & THE LAW  Excellent resource page for forensic sciences. (8/2010)

Great freeware page for forensics etc.Great freeware page setup by Stephane Heroux.

Information System Security  Too much internet security stuff to list here. Great place to start.

garykessler.net  Resources of all kinds. Hundreds of links by subject and category. Produced by Gary Kessler, Professor at Champlain College.

cotse.com  Research for everything internet. There are anonomous remailers, security tools, reference sites, and so much more. Their main stength is in privacy for e-mails, communications and spam blockers.

all.net  Resource page. Includes lots of search engines and other research links.

Free open source  and other lots of good software.

Archives of Web Pages

archive.org  web page archives from archive.org. Maintains many archives of web pages.
google.com  Archives and web search features from Google.com cached web pages from google.com. Archives of web pages. The search format is: http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:http://www.domain.nam.
askSam.com  offers surfsaver, a web capturing software package.
softbytelabs.com  BlackWidow and other web surfing software from softbytelabs.com. Black Widow is a web site scanner and capture program. MailtalkX is an email and spam filter.



americanair.com  American Airlines.
continental.com  Continental Airlines.
delta.com  Delta Airlines
flytecomm.com  flights and see flight numbers to and from cities.
oag.com  OAG Online. requires membership.
quickaid.com  Excellent airport listings. Links to many airports.
united.com  United Airlines Home page
usair.com  US Air Home page


Articles relating to security forensics, etc.

law.gonzaga.edu  Article from California Pacific School of Law on Cyberlaw.
www-swiss.ai.mit.edu  Reading sources on computer crime from MIT.
forensicaccounting.net  Forensic Accounting resource pages.
Articles  from Gary Kessler who is an instructor at a university. This page has interesting links.
Articles  from Gary Kessler on computer forensics and many many other reference sites. Excellent resource page.
Article  Reporting and Prevention Guidelines, Industrial Espionage and Network Intrusions article. Author: John Smith
Linux  shutdown and other basic forensics steps. [this is ONE person's opinion.]


Anonomizer / Remailer / Proxy servers

rosinstrument.com  Lists of proxy servers
anonymizer.com  Anonymizer allows you to surf the web without revealing personal information.
compulink.co.uk  Anonimity from compulink.co.uk. A page about internet security, anonymous remailers, and security software.
cotse.com  cotse.com, Church of the Swimming Elephant (COTSE) has lots of software and services
oac.uci.edu  Remailer and other information from University of Calif. Irvine crypto page.



google_desktop  a desktop search tool to find files on your system. (10/04)
developer.netscape.com  Netscape Technical manuals from Netscape on browser information.
home.netscape.com  Netscape Technical manual page from Netscape.
kmeleon  A light weight browser
wp.netscape.com  Authoring Tools. Netscape HTML authoring tools page.
digitmania.holowww.com  Numbers & Digits for display on HTML pages from digitmania.
mozilla.org/  Mozilla and firefox browswers.
opera.com  Opera, very fast browser.
w3schools.com  HTML and other tutorials. (HTML, XML, SCRIPTING).



arrowkey.com  CDR Diagnostic CD/DVD Diagnistic and CDR/DVD Inspector and other CD software.
cdrecordingsoftware.com CD hardware and recording software
goldenhawk.com CDRWIN CD recording software. Can also be used to capture prior session for forensic review.
nero.com NERO CD burning software
ntius.com NTI CD recording software. from Newtech infosystems. ntius.com
nu2.nu  CD boot disks. Information on how to make bootable CD's
roxio.com Easy CD Creator, and TOAST for MAC's
tapewarehouse.com Media, CD's, tapes, drives.


Child and Family Safety.

appstraka.hypermart.net  Computer and net monitoring software.
boss.dids.com  BOSS Everywhere software. Computer/keystroke monitor.
getnetwise.org  Family tools and filters.
amecisco.com  Keylogger Keystroke logger.
calib.com   National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse
cedarnet.org  Parent control and filter software from Cedar Net.
ci.keene.nh.us Task Force on Crimes against children from keene NH. ci.keene.nh.us
ci.keene.nh.us Task Force on Crimes against children
ci.stpaul.mn.us St. Paul Minnesota Task Force on Internet Crimes Against Children.
cybersnitch.net  Cybersnitch crime reporting database and reports. cybersnitch.net
getnetwise.org  General resource regarding kids and the internet.
iopus.com  IOPUS monitoring and recording.
itaa.org  (ITAA) Information Technology Association of America, infosec awareness page.
micac.da.ru Minnesota Task Force on Internet Crimes Against Children
missingkids.com  Cybertipline Missing kids.
omniquad.com  Surveillance from OmniQuad. Monitoring and security software.
parentsoup.com  Internet Safety Information for parents.
parentsoup.com  Internet Safety. Information for parents. parentsoup.com
pedowatch.org  Pedowatch. Protection of children from sexual predators.
safekids.com  Safekids
safekids.com  Safe Teens web page.
safetysurf.com  Internet filter and safety software.
securitysoft.com  Cyber Sentinel Internet Filtering software
snapshotspy.com  SnapShot Spy. computer monitoring software
software4parents.Com  Software4Parent with Cyber Sentinel, Net Nanny, and others.
voiplog.com  Voice recording and monitoring software for computers.
webattack.com  Child Safe. Internet monitoring software from WebAttack.com.
wiredpatrol.org  Formerly: Cyberangels. wiredpatrol.org home page.
wiredpatrol.org  Formerly CyberAngels
worldvillage.com  Parental control software and other related monitoring programs. worldvillage.com



NTFS File System  Article on the NTFS file system from Microsoft
computercraft.com  Good reference for computer terms and tricks.
computerhope.com  Computer information and help of all kinds. Links to drivers and downloads. OS terms and programs and commands. An excellent site.
computerhope.com/msdos.htm  DOS commands and help screens.
computertips.com  Computer Tips. Good computer resource page
easydos.com  DOS command reference page. Internal and external command systax. Also has other reference books online that can be downloaded.
pchell.com  PCHell. A good place for all kinds of references. Has virus hoax info. Spyware removal help.
sei.cmu.edu  Carnegie Mellon U. CERT coordination center.
ualberta.ca  Software downloads from U. of Alberta. Has some useful programs, including WSFTP, PUTTY (Telnet) and other common programs.
unicore.com UNICORE: bios upgrades and other diagnostic tools. They have a great bios interrogator program.
wimsbios.com  BIOS and motherboard information site.



kburra.com  Cookie Pal, cookie viewer.
webattack.com  Cookie managment software page.



epls.arnet.gov Parties excluded from federal procurement and non procurement programs.
money.cnn.com  CNN stock quotes.
wellsfargo.com  Wells Fargo Home page
banks.com  Banking information. FINANCE & INVESTING LINKS
bizwiz.com  Business resource links.
business.com  Research business entities online.
companiesonline.com  Company and corporate locators. From Companiesonline. Includes financial links.
cybercash.com  CYBERCASH home page, Information for Banks. Run by Verisign
data2know.com  Source of additional web sites to review for personal and corporate information.
dnb.com  Dunn and Bradstreet corporate research site
guidestar.org  Guidestar, Non-Profit organizations research
lsoft.com  LSOFT, List searve research site.
nyse.com  New York Stock Exchange, Home page of the New York Stock Exchange.
verbaljudo.com  Verbal Judo,or how to convince people.


Cryptography and Steganography

http://www.bios-pw.org/  Laptop Bios Password information on how to get thru a laptop BIOS password.
ftp.elf.stuba.sk  Index, FTP site for software. Contains password recovery tools also.
dir.yahoo.com  Lots of links from Yahoo search.
home.eunet.no  NT password breaker. Works on W2K NTFS passwords also. Can change or eliminate a password. Works off of a Linux boot disk.
nirsoft.tripod.com  Software, similar to Revelation, called Asterwin, and lots more.
soft4you.com  PWL password file recovery software.
stegoarchive.com  Links to a lot of stego software.
accessdata.com  Access Data Decryption Software, and Forensic Toolkit.
centurionsoft.com  E-cryptor cwfrom Centurionsoft.com. ALso has steganography steganos software.
centurionsoft.com  Various protection software.
cryptography.com  Cryptography Research.
cs.auckland.ac.nz Encryption & Security related links from University of Auckland, NZ.
cs.auckland.ac.nz  Secure File System (SFS) for DOS/Windows. A page from Peter Gutman describing this application.
cybersnitch.net  Steganography software page from TUCOFS. S-tools, steganos.
freeswan.org Linux encryption & other security links from the Linux FreeS/WAN project.
handybits.com  Easycrypto encryption software page.
iopus.com  Windows ***, password recovery.
ja.axxs.net  IBM Thinkpad Password crackers. (maybe)
lostpassword.com  Lost password kit from lostpassword.com. Has breakers for NT, Adobe, Office products and many other products.
md5crk.com  Web site regarding the breaking of MD5.
netgate.com.uy  (FCZ) Fast Zip Cracker. With good links to other zip crackers.
oac.uci.edu  Cryptography from University of Calif. Irvine crypto page. Includes some remailer information.
openpgp.com  OpenPGP Alliance Home Page. (free versions)
outpost9.com/files  Wordlist, page of wordlists from outpost9.com
outpost9.com  Password cracker page from outpost9.com.
oxid.it  Cain and Abel Win9X and other password recovery. PWL files also.
passwordportal.net Links to many password cracking sites.
petri.co.il  NT and XP Password changer. Works from boot disk. Has good reputation for openeing passwords.
pgp.com  PGP.com Home Page.
PGP Freeware  non-commercial free pgp
pgpi.com  International PGP home page.
pwcrack.com  Password, crackers from pwcrack.com. Including NT and others.
rsasecurity.com  RSA home page. Encryption, security products
sarc-wv  Steganography research center. Has Stego hash sets.
schneier.com  Index of cryptography papers.
snadboy.com  Revelation software. Shows ****** windows passwords.
verisign.com  Verisign Digital signature, ID server.
webattack.com  Do keyword search on: Encryption and Steganography. general software site.
webattack.com  Freeware category page. Search for: Cryptography, Steganography
webattack.com  File Encryption software page. PGP, S-Tools, Steganography and more.


Data Recovery and manipulation

atl-datarecovery.com Data Recovery by Atlanta Computer Resources
computer-conversions.com Computer Conversions, data recovery experts
datalifter.com  DataLifter, data sniffer and forensic analyzing software
digital-detective.co.uk Digital Detective resource site. Has excellent date conversion utility, and AOL IM password cracker, plus other good software.
http://www.disklabs.com/  RAID Data Recovery, Data Recovery & Computer Forensics (10/2007)
ontrack.com  Ontrack Data recovery software. Forensic tools. Including Novell.
ABC Amber Conversions  Has a lot of conversion type programs from one format to another
runtime.org  Runtime offers a number of data recovery software packages especially tailored to Windows and NTFS file systems.
solbydes.com.au  Australian data recovery firm.
tlsi.net  TLSI, Located in Texas, specializing in hard drive data recovery and has a clean room to do data recovery.
memofixdatarecovery.com  Data Recovery, Canada


Dictionaries, generic Research

computing-dictionary  Excellent dictionary page.
itools.com  IT Dictionary and other research tools. Has some good Internet research tools, ping, etc.
police.sas.ab.ca  Forensic Examiner Sources, Links to tremendous number of forensic and investigative sources.
virtuallibrarian.com  Resources from Virtuallibrarian. Excellent location for forensic and investigative books and published documents.
webopedia.internet.com  Dictionary for computer technology.
whatis.techtarget.com  Definitions, Dictionayr and definitions of IT terms and other technical research information.
wildesweb.com  Glossary of computer and Internet terms.
acfe.com  Forensic Examiners, American College of Forensic Examiners.
adaptec.com Glossary of computer terms from Adaptec.
adaptec.com of computer terms and technical information.
adaptec.com Glossary of SCSI computer terms and technical information.
computercraft.com  Computer Terms. This is not a magazine but a good reference page
computercraft.com  Reference of Computer techincal reference page
computerhope.com  Computer, information of all kinds. Excellent technical research page.
computertips.com  Computer Glossary of internet and computer terms
cs.purdue.edu  COAST, Computer Operations Audit and Security Technology from Purdue University Security research page.
www.forensicsciencetechnician.net  A guide to forensic science and criminal justice programs and education
homelandsecuritydegree.org  A Guide to "What Homeland Security Degrees Exist and What are They Called"
hyperdictionary.com  Computer dictionary.
ibas.com  Technology dictionary.
iserv.net Excellent Glossary of computer terms and other technical information.
iserv.net Glossary of computer terms and other technical information.
itools.com  Has research tools for phone numbers, addresses, stock quotes, package tracking. Seems to be a locator for things, including people, software and products. Somewhat difficult to get into.
iTools.com  Dictionary and other research tools. Has good "terminology" definition section.
m-w.com  Meriam Webster Dictionary, (Based on Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(R) Dictionary.).
officer.com  The Police Officer's Internet Directory. A very good site; a lot of links.
onelook.com  Dictionary from Onelook home page. Includes technical dictionaries
onelook.com  Links to many dictionaries.
onlinesecurity.com  Glossary of security terms.
shk-dplc.com  Computer Forensic Magazine online magazine
ucc.ie  Acronyms search engine.
undergraduatedegree.org  Pointers to various undergraduate degrees.
webopedia.com  Computer dictionary.
wordspy.com  Recently coined words in use.


Domain name research sites

Note: when reference to root word search, this means that the site will check for domains when you put in partial words. For instance, putting in mares will get all domains that contain the word mares.

Start here for WHOIS information

networksolutions.com  Domain name research.
apnic.net  (APNIC) Apnic (Asian Pacific Network Information Center) domain info from Asia Pacific Network Information Center. apnic.net.
arin.net  ARIN .net research. Domain info. Do whois, and check IP assignments within the U.S.
lacnic.net  (LACNIC) Latin American and Caribbean Network Information Center) domain info from Asia Pacific Network Information Center. lacnic.net.
ripe.net  RIPE: European, Middle East, Central Asia domain info
InternetFrog.com   Excellent IP and domain lookups

Domain Names  Lists all top level domain names worldwide.

combat.uxn.com Domain checks. Excellent central research pages for DNS, ARIN, RIPE, IP Whis, PING, Traceroute, and others.
lacnic.net  LACNI, Latin American Domain Registry
news.netcraft.com  Internet research applets. Can do domain wildcard searches and other research.
resellers.tucows.com  opensrs Tucows registry at opensrs.com
allwhois.com for whois information worldwide.
apnic.net  (APNIC) Apnic (Asian Pacific Network Information Center) domain info from Asia Pacific Network Information Center. apnic.net.
arin.net  ARIN .net research. Domain info. Do whois, and check IP assignments within the U.S.
checkdomain.com  Checkdomain, domain name checks from checkdomain.com. Only place where you can check to see if a domain name is available for almost every country in the world at one time.
din.de  Country names and root zones identifiers. (ie, who is .aq)
dnsstuff.com Excellent internet search options. Includes many capabilities
domaincrawler.com  Another domain research tool
domainsurfer.com  Includes partial word capability and root word search capability
Galaxy.com  Domain name search. Allows for partial name root search. (ie search microsoft and get hundreds of hits). This page is laden with popup ads.
iana.org  (IANA) Internet Assigned Numbers Authority: International and U.S. domain research. Looks pretty inclusive. Also, try Country  root zones identifiers.
iana.org  Country names and root zones identifiers. (ie, who is .aq)
internic.net  Internic Home Page.
internic.net  Internic/Network Solutions whois page.
lacnic.net  (LACNIC) Latin American and Caribbean Network Information Center) domain info from Asia Pacific Network Information Center. lacnic.net.
nameboy.com  Domain search. Allows for partial root name search. (ie search for microsoft and get hundreds of hits)
namedroppers.com  Domain search on wildcard/root names. Gives all names containing string provided.
netcraft.com  Domain information. Find out technical parameters of a domain.
networksolutions.com  Domain name research.
nic.com  Whois lookups.
nic.gov  Domain and whois information for the Government from nic.gov.
nic.us  Domain information for the .us domains.
norid.no  Domain information for the entire world. Two-letter TLDs from IANAa list.
norid.no  domain and registry information for the entire world from norid.no. Two-letter TLDs from IANAa list. Excellent research site.
ripe.net  RIPE: European, Middle East, Central Asia domain info
ripe.net  Direct European RIPE Whois.
samspade.org  IP, domain, whois, and lots of other lookup tools. Includes tools for decoding obfuscated URLS. Running Traceroutes and other good things.
swishweb.com  Decode Obfuscated URLs.


Software Drivers and Boot Disks

download.com  A site that has a lot of current driver updates and other software.
3com.com  3COM drivers.
3com.com  3Com home page
adaptec.com  Adaptec Drivers
atitech.ca  ATI Technologies. Mach32 video drivers.
bootdisk.com  Bootdisks: almost every flavor there was. and a more direct link.
computerhope.com  Computer reference. drivers, OS terms, programs and commands.
diamondmm.com  Diamond video drivers.
driveguys.com  Hard Drives from DriveGuys hard drives. Old models and sizes
driverguid.com  Drivers from driverguide.com
drivershq.com  PC Driver headquarters.
helpdrivers.com  Complete sets of Windows drivers of all kinds.
iomega.com  IOMEGA software, Download page.
perfectdrivers.com  Drivers listed by company. Very complete driver site.
scmmicro.com  USB Drivers. See also SYQUEST.com
.stefan2000.com USB Drivers. Including DOS boots.
stefan2000.com  USB Drivers for DOS
syquest.com  Syquest Drivers.
toshiba.com  Toshiba computers
unicore.com  Cardware PCMCIA PC Card drivers for DOS and WINNT.
windrivers.com Windows drivers of all kinds.


DSL Sites for software, speed tests and research

dslreports.com  DSL Reports is a general site for DSL information, tools, test procedures and tweaks.
dslreports.com Speed test from DSL reports.
testmyspeed.com  Speed test URL.
toast.net  Toast.net speed test URL.


Editors: Hex, HTML

bpsoft.com  Hex Workshop, very good hex editor.
kevingunn.com  HTML Editor (web-o-rama) and more web tools.
macromedia.com  Homesite HTML editor from Macromedia.
runtime.org  excellent hex editors, and other file and disk processing tools.
010 Hex editor  A fast, professional hex editor designed to edit any binary file
vedit.com  Vedit: text/hex/ebcdic editor.
winhex.com  Winhex, Excellent hex editor.


E_mail Software

ciphertrust.com E-MailIntrusion Detection System (IDS).
paraben.com  Paraben e-mail examining software (email examiner). Can also do Exchange server e-mail .edb files.
qualcomm.com  Eudora, E-mail client software
visualware.com  E-mail tracking tutorial
emailtracer.com/  E-mail tracking and research site. Charge for services.


File Signatures and Extensions

garykessler.net  Signatures using magic numbers from Linux documentation. Gary Kessler is an instructor at a university and his pages have a lot of other good reference material.
extsearch.com  File extensions from extsearch.com.
filext.com File extension listed alphabetically.
webopedia.internet.com  File Formats and headers from webopedia.internet.com
whatis.techtarget.com Whatis, Extensive Technical information. Use the FastReference link and scroll down to the file format link.
ace.net.nz  File format and file extensions.
computeruser.com  Dictionary and file formats/headers from Computer User Dictionary
dcs.ed.ac.uk  Graphicsfile extensions and file formats.
http://www.dotwhat.net  File extension resource page.
fileinfo.net  File extension research
filesig.co.uk/  File signatures.
filespecs.com  File Formats and headers from Hex Workshop.
filext.com  File extensions and formats.
fnds.net/ext/a.html  File signatures
Complied locations  of file signatures. Maintained by Gary Kessler
matisse.net  File Formats and headers. Other technical research. Glossary.
sharpened.net  Excellent page
sharpened.net  Search for specific extyension page
uni-koeln.de  File Extensions from many graphics and other type files.
uni-koeln.de  File extensions.
wotsit.org.org  Files extensions and header formats
wotsit.org  Graphic file formats.


Financial Institutions and research

money.cnn.com  CNN stock quotes.
banks.com  Bank Information. Site is not up yet, but has a good index. (11/02)
chasepaymentech.com  Bank and Credit Card Issuging Information. Furnishes the issuing bank number if you insert first 6 digits of credit card. (06/03)
bindatabase.com/  Bank and Credit Card Issuging Information. Furnishes the issuing bank number if you insert first 6 digits of credit card. (08/07)
FTC Identity Theft  help page. (9/2013)
Identify Theft  and consumer credit pages. (9/2013)


Forensic Software and training firms. Genereal

tzworks.net  Site with a number of very good NTFS tools (1/2014)
ircr.tripod.com  (IRCR) Incident Response Collection Report for Windows.
viaforensics.com  iPhone forensics whitepaper. (very good read)
acard.com   Write Blockers
accessdata.com  FTK Forensic Toolkit.
blackbagtech.com   Write Blockers
burgessforensics.com  California forensic firm
http://www.cfreds.nist.gov/  NIST page for standard forensic testing
dibsusa.com  DIBS forensics software and hardware.
digitalintel.com   Write Blockers
diskology.com  Write blockers, hardware disk duplicator, forensic computers.
dmares.com  Maresware forensic software and training.
encase.com   Write Blockers
fcc.gov  FCC page for legal phone monitoring guidance
Call center phone recording  Caution: don't use this page for illegal purposes
foolmoon.net  Windows Forensic Toolkit (WFT). Similar to IRCR and TCT.
Forensic Explorer   is a tool for the analysis of electronic evidence
forensicpc.com  Write blockers, hardware disk duplicator, forensic computers.
forensics-intl.com  New Technologies (NTI) home page.
Excellent  An excellent source of some generic forensic and data processing software
ics-iq.com   Write Blockers
State Private Investigator Links
l0t3k.org  Forensic document page. excellent resource
magicaljellybean.com  Keyfinder: retrieves your Product Key (cd key) (8/2007)
mobileforensicscentral.com  Restricted cell phone forensic reference page (1/2007)
mykeytech.com   Write Blockers
regular_expressions  Good site for regular expression syntax.
sydex.com  Sydex.com Home of Anadisk, Safeback imaging software.
www.systoolsgroup.com  systoolgroup has over 150 file processing/conversion viewers BKF, MDF, OST,PST,Exchange,OLM,MSG,EML,MBOX,Lotus Notes, (1/2014)
mailxaminer  systoolsgroup mailxaminer is comprehensive email examiner program
thetrainingco.com  Training resources and other investigative links
vogon.us   Write Blockers
wiebetech.com   Write Blockers
www.wireless-forensics.com  Paraben cell phone forensics reference page (1/2007)


Graphics, Viewers, Editors, GIFS, BMP etc

ca.com  COSMO 3D web player. VRML 2.0 viewer, Cosmo Player.
office.microsoft.com  Graphics from Microsoft page for web graphics.
anl.luth.se  HTML and GIF graphic library.
firehand.com  Graphic Graphic and image editor and viewer.
i-c-what-u-c.com  Graphic viewer. Has forensic logging capability.
irfanview.com  Irfanview: graphic viewer for Windows.
jasc.com  Paint shop Pro, Graphic Viewer, graphics.
macromedia.com  Homesite: html editor from Macromedia.com.
mediadetective.com  Scans drive for porn, and flesh colored images
mindworkshop.com  Graphic viewer. Digital camera image compatable.
nypl.org  NY. Public Library graphics and photos


Groups and Lists

yahoo.groups.comYahoo groups.
also see organizations


Government Agencies and related

650mi.nato.army.mil  Lathe Gambit, Nato forensic organization
chacs.nrl.navy.mil  (CHACS) Center for High Assurance Computer Systems, a branch within the Information Technology Division of the Naval Research Laboratory.
csrc.nist.gov  NIST computer security resource clearing house.
csrc.nist.gov  (FISSEA) Federal Information Systems Security Educatorsí Association.
csrc.nist.gov  (CSRC) Computer Security Resource Center from NIST.
csrc.nist.gov/publications/nistir  NIST guidelines for PDA Forensics. 11/04
csrc.nist.gov/publications/nistpubs/  NIST guidelines for Cell Phone Forensics. 11/04
epls.arnet.gov Parties excluded from federal procurement and non procurement programs.
fcc.gov/calea  CALEA telecommunications act.
library.louisville.edu  Federal pay schedule link.
puborder.ncjrs.org publications page for the NIST first responder document #187736, or keywords: "Electronic Crime Scene".
puborder.ncjrs.org  NIJ publications page for the NIST publication: "Forensic Examination of Digital Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement" document #199408".
ww1.access.gpo.gov  National Archives records administration. This is an excellent research site.
access.gpo.gov  Code of Federal Regulations from National Archives
access.gpo.gov  (GILS) Government Information Locator Service.
access.gpo.gov  Government Agencies, Government agencies listed by category.
afp.gov.au  Australian Federal Police home page
aro.army.mil  Army Research Office
bop.gov  (BOP) Federal Bureau of Prisons home page
boulder.nist.gov  NIST Boulder (Colorado) Has time software.
cdc.gov  CDC
cdc.gov  CDC Travelers information site.
census.gov  U.S. Census Bureau
cftt.nist.gov  (NIST) National Computer Forensic Tool Testing Project from NIST. Source of tests and requirements for forensic software.
cia.gov  CIA home page
darpa.mil  Department of Defense (DoD)
dcfl.gov  Department of Defense Computer Forensic Laboratory
disa.mil  Defense Information Security Agency. (DISA)
doe.gov  (DOE) Dept. of Energy home page
dot.gov  Department of Transportation.
drms.dla.mil  Surplus U.S. Government Sales
dtic.mil  (DTIC) Defense Technical Information Center.
energy.gov  (DOE) Dept. of Energy home page
epa.gov  EPA information security guidelines
fbi.gov  FBI home page
firstgov.gov  FirstGov, A good generic government agency and information site. Is quite inclusive.(Note: doesn't allow the use of your browser's back button.)
firstgov.gov  Links by subject-- not agency. Pretty good place to start.
gsa.gov  GSA Federal Supply Service. ftc.gov  Federal Trade Commission Home Page
ftc -identity theft page
gao.gov  GAO home page.
gao.gov  Investigators Guide to Sources of information from the GAO.
gpoaccess.gov  Federal Register home page.
gpoaccess.gov  (GPO) Government Printing Office.
gsa.gov  GSA Home Page with many links
hhs.gov  (HHS) Health and Human Services.
hq.nasa.gov  NASA home page.
ignet.gov  Federal Inspector General Community page.
ignet.gov  Federal Inspector General Community
info.gov  Government Information Xchange, Good place to start. government practices, consumer help.
irs.ustreas.gov  Internal Revenue Service (IRS) HomePage
itl.nist.gov/fipspubs  (FIPS) Federal Information Processing Standards
loc.gov  Service Providers list as provided by US Copyright office.
michigan.gov  State of Michigan home page
ncis.navy.mil >U.S. Navy, NCIS - Nvay Criminal Investigative Service.
ncjrs.org (NCJRS) National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Search the publications page for the Electronic crime scene first responder document #187736, or keywords: "Electronic Crime Scene".
nctp.org  NCTP. National Cybercrime Training Partnership
nic.mil  Military Personnel Information for the DOD Network Informatino Center.
nih.gov  National Institutes of Health (NIH)
nipc.gov  (NIPC) National Infrastructure Protection. (Homeland Security)
nipc.gov  NIPC pressroom.
nsa.gov  (NSA)National Security Agency
nsf.gov  National Science Foundation (NSF)
nsrl.nist.gov  (NIST) National Software Refernce Library (NSRL) from NIST.
nws.noaa.gov  (NWS)(NOAA) National Weather Service
odci.gov  CIA
odci.gov  CIA Publications Link. Includes a few useful links
ojp.usdoj.gov  (OJP/BJA) Bureau of Justice Assistance. Grants, etc.
ojp.usdoj.gov  (NIJ) National Institute of Justice
ojp.usdoj.gov  (NIJ) National Institute of Justice (NIJ/NCJRS), Electronic Crime Scene First Responder booklet download page. Document #NCJ 187736. Go to this page  and click the order print link. The document is #187736.
onr.navy.mil  Office of Naval Research
opm.gov  (OPM) Office of Personnel Managment home page
orau.gov/trade  Training Resources and Data Exchange (TRADE) program managed by the Oak Ridge Institute.
pimall.com  Government Investigative Sites. Links to government investigative data base sites.
police.qld.gov.au  Queensland, Australian police web site
police.qld.gov.au  Queensland police web site
policyworks.gov  Per Diem Rates.
sagal.com  Agency lists United States and International Government Military and Intelligence Agency Access.
sandia.gov  Sandia National Laboratory
sec.gov  (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission.
sec.gov  (EDGAR) Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval database of corporate information.
srs.gov  (SRS) Department of Energy, Savannah River Site (SRS)
srs.gov  Department of Energy, Savannah River Site (SRS)
ssa.gov  (SSA) Social Security Administration Online
ssa.gov  Social Security Admin. site on how to decode a social security number, with info on state of origin.
ssa.gov  (SSA) Social Security Administration.
state.gov  U.S. Dept of State. (State Department)
treas.gov  The Department of the Treasury.
treas.gov/usss  (USSS) U.S. Secret Service home page. This page destroys the back button.
usdoj.gov  (DOJ) U.S. Dept. of Justice Home page.
usdoj.gov  DOJ Cybercrime Documents section (CCIPS).
usdoj.gov CCIPS, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section
usdoj.gov CCIPS & DOJ guidelines for searching and seizing computers
usoge.gov  Government Ethics, U.S. Office of Government Ethics home page.
whitehouse.gov  The White House home page.
win.org  Government Information and agency links from the state of Missouri.
www1.ifccfbi.gov  (IFCC) Internet Fraud Compaint Center.


Hackers/Crackers The other side

defcon.org  DEFCON.
defcon.org  DEFCON, Links page from DEFCON.
2600.com  2600 Magazine
noveltyid.us  Photo I.D.'s. This site is supposed to be able to make false photo ID for just about anything.
officer.com/hate.htm  Links to Hate Groups, Terrorists, Radicals
souvenirids.com  False phot ID for just about anything.
takedown.com  Takedown. Appears to be a page about Kevin Mitnick
wired.com  Wired news home page
ophcrack.sourceforge.net  NT Password cracker (8/06)


Hardware and Supplies

developer.intel.com  Intel Pentium Pro technical information.
fwdepot.com  Firewire and USB converters.
h71025.www7.hp.com  Compaq Support Compaq products. Hit cancel at login.
ssddom02.storage.ibm.com  IBM technical support.
3com.com  3Com home page
3com.com  3Com product support. Links to drivers.
acard.com   ACARD SCSI and IDE conversion cards.
adaptec.com  Adaptec Home page
adaptec.com  Adaptec drivers
addonics.com  SATA to IDE converter and other hardware
apricorn.com  removing laptop hard drives
atitech.ca  ATI Technologies. Including mach video display drivers.
buy.com  Computer hardware buying page.
clcr.com  McGlen Computer upgrades. Memory upgrade.
compaq.com  Compaq Service Packs for their hardware.
cyberguys.com  Comptuer hardware, software and forensic toolbox tools from Cyberguys.com. Such as labels, cables and other stuff.
diamondmm.com  Diamond Multimedia home page.
http://www.disklabs.com/  RAID Data Recovery, Data Recovery & Computer Forensics (10/2007)
diskology.com  Write blockers, hardware disk duplicator, forensic computers.
driveguys.com  Hard Drives and other computer products. Old models and sizes
emaglink.com  EMag. Mag tape manipulation and forensics
forensicpc.com  Write blockers, hardware disk duplicator, forensic computers.
hp.com  Hewlett Packard Support page
iomega.com  Iomega/ZIP/JAZ Iomega corp.
iomega.com  IOMEGA software support page.
ipodbattery.com  iPod Battery replacement assistance
kingston.com  Kingston (Memory) Technology Corporation - computer memory
kvm-switches-online.com/  KVM Switches.
lexarmedia.com  Digital camera hardware(digital film readers).
micro-solutions.com  Hard Drives/tape from Micro Solutions. Hard drive and tape backup systems.
ndsproducts.com  Police Equipment, flash lights, laser pointer, safety equipment
netusa1.net   General information link page
newark.com  Newark electronics. Source of computer hardware, ie. cables, parts etc.
orangemicro.com  USB Boards.
pacificcable.com  Pacific Cable, Custom Cables, routers, and other cable related stuff.
passmark.com  Memory checking software
pctechguide.compctechguide.com  PC Technology reference. BIOS, motherbiards, etc.
pinnaclemicro.com  Computers from Pinnacle Micro. Computer retailer.
pricewatch.com  Compters, Pricewatch.com Site for checking best computer prices.
quantum.com  Quantum hard drives. (Quantum).
recovermyflashdrive.com/  data recovery for flash (NAND memory) based devices
sandersonforensics.co.uk  Laptop Disassembly instructions.
seagate.com  Seagate Hard drives.
seagate.com  Seagate drive research page.
sharp-usa.com  Sharp Electronics.
shoplet.com  Hardware and software. Digital hardware..
shoplet.com Digital, (digital film readers) and other visual software/hardware.
solbydes.com.au  Hardware and data recovery from Australia.
storagereview.com  One of the best resources for hard drive layout and physical description of file structures.
syquest.com  Syquest, data storage.
sysopt.com  Hardware and software reference site.
techadvice.com   Conner hard drives technical reference page.
techweb.com  TECHWEB, links to a lot of technical magazines.
tlsi.net  TLSI, Crashed Hard Drive recovery firm.
toshiba.com  Toshiba computers home page,
toshiba.com   Toshiba Support pages
touchstonesoftware.com  Checkit/Cardware, Touchstone: makers of: Checkit and Cardware.
transcendusa.com   Memory/flash, Transend Co. Computer memory and flash products.
uktsupport.co.uk  Laptop Battery replacement techniques
uni-koeln.de  File extensions.
unicore.com  UNICORE: BIOS upgrades and other diagnostic tools
unicore.com  Cardware PCMCIA PC Card drivers for DOS and WINNT.
wimsbios.com  BIOS and motherboard information site.


Intrusion Detection / Virus Detection

osvdb.org  Open Source Vulnerability Data Base pages.
security.cw.net  Cable & Wireless Security Page.
ciphertrust.com   Ciphertruste-mail gateway and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and other security software.
insecure.org  Hacker information
internetprivacy.com  Internet Privacy.com is a site that will show you what people can glean from your system when surfing. Also some other interesting and informative links regarding cookies, remailers, etc.
microsoft.com  Security updates from Microsoft


Intelligence sites and information.

intelweb.janes.com  Intelligence Web Site, Appears to have good listing of intel informatin from both public and private intelligence agencies and organizations from around the world.
fas.org  US Intelligence and security agencies
inteltec.com  Intelligence Technologies International
kimsoft.com  Kim Spy (Korean)
nacic.gov  National Counter Intelligence Center
nsa.gov  (NSA) National Security Agency
odci.gov  (CIA) United States Central Intelligence Agency
odci.gov&nbs; Center for the Study of Intelligence
tscm.com  Granite Island Group. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (corporate site)


Internet: Search engines, Software, Traceroute, Whois, general reference etc.

searchsystems.net  State/Local/Fed research for licenses and much other stuff.
zabasearch.com  Research people and public information. (6/2007)
IP address trace  Put in an IP and find out who it is routed to.
centralops.net  Internet research. Check nslookup, whois, IP, domains, pings, other software
javascript.internet.com  Obfuscated URL decoder and javascript hidden URL decoder.
news.netcraft.com  Internet research applets. Can do domain wildcard searches and other research.
search.yahoo.com  Yahoo traceroute information. Links to many traceroute servers.
users.erols.com  Multiple search engines
altavista.com  Alta Vista search engine.
amdahl.com  Amdahl, Links to a number of search engines.
antionline.com  IP locator, and other tools including whois. Check out the security downloads page.
aposite-tech.com  Internet and Network testing products
blue-planet.com  General research page. Lot of internet research links.
boardwatch.com  Telecom analysis site.
cert.org  (CERT) Center for computer security concerns of Internet users. At Carnegie Mellon University.
ciac.org  (CIAC) Computer Incident Advisory Capability from DOE
counterpane.com  Internet Security.
cybercash.com  Cyber cash from Verisign.
cybersnitch.net  Packet sniffers from tucofs.
easytweak.com  Web Researech and information
excite.com  Excite search engine.
ferretsoft.com  WebFerret, Web search utility. Submit query to many search engines.
fraud.org  Internet Fraud watch.
freeality.com  Freeality has multiple excellent search engine links.
geektools.com  Geektools, Tools for traceroute, whois, and other internet type research.
geobytes - IpLocator.  Googles version of where it is. Be careful, there is minimum of free searches
google.com  Google. Search engine.
google.com  Archived pages from cached google web pages. The format is: http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:http://www.domain.nam.
hotbot.com  HotBot Search engine tool.
iana.org  (IANA) Internet Assigned Numbers Athority. General Internet research. WHOIS, DNS, IP address,
iana.org  Port numbers from IANA. A list of the port number assignments.
infosyssec.net  infosyssec (Security Portal for Information Security Professionals.) Many links on this page.
insecure.org  Internet security tools and information.
internetfrog.com  DNS lookup. Blacklist checks, e-mail validation. Other userful tools. (9/2006)
ip2location.com  Find location of IPs
ip2location.com  Find location of IP addresses
opt-out  LexisNexis opt-out for public servants (6/2007)
loc.gov  Service Providers. ISP list as provided by US Copyright office.
lycos.com  Lycos Web Search engine.
metacrawler.com  Metacrawler, mulitple search engine site
net.princeton.edu  Traceroute tool.
netdemon.net  Netdemon Internet tools. No real category, but specializes in anti-spam.
network-tools.com network tools has many lookup features. Including, DNS, Ping, Trace.
ntia.doc.gov  NTIA telecommunication links and links to many other government and internet sites.
ntutility.com  Good Network freeware.
ntutility.com  "Active Ports" displays Open Ports. also other programs.
packetstorm.com  Internet and Network hardware security products.
privacyatchoicepoint.com/optout_ext.html#optout  Opt-out (optout) of personal information disctribution by ChoicePoint (6/2007)
private.org  A lot of resource pages.
samspade.org  Samspade.org, IP, domain, whois, and lots of other lookup tools. Includes tools for decoding obfuscated URLS. Running Traceroutes and other good things.
ISP LISTS  A list of ISP's from search.org
searchenginewatch.com  Search Engine reference.
securiteam.com  SecurIteam Internet and OS security page.
securityfocus.com  Security for the internet and software needed to protect and test your sites.
slac.stanford.edu  Traceroute and other useful info. Good Domain reference information.
sonicwall.com  Firewall.
spamhaus.org  Spam hosting domains are listed here. This is a spam tracking site.
sputum.com  anti-spam software.
stpt.com  Starting Point, A search engine page.
techcrime.com  Techcrime, Tools for traceroute, whois, and many other internet type research. ALso has good link section.
www.the-dma.org/  Direct Marketing Association, Opt-out pages. (6/2007)
thelist.com  List of Internet Service Providers. Search for a Provider By Name, phone (or Domain Name)
traceroute-gateways.com  List of traceroute gateways.
traceroute.org  Traceroute gateways and ping demonstrations and tracebacks from servers.
traceroutes.com  Traceroute gateways.
visualware.com  Internt tracing/mapping and packet viewing software (Visualroute).
webattack.com  Webattack has a lot of software dealing with internet activities. free and for purchase.
webcrawler.com  Webcrawler search engine.
yahoo.com  Yahoo search engine.
www1.ifccfbi.gov   Internet Fraud Compaint Center
abika.com  Trace IP routes, a lot of IM stuff also


Legal Research

www.onlinesecurity.com/forum/article46.php  Computer Crime Statues by State
www.crime-research.org/library/State.pdf  PDF file of Computer Crime Statues by State
cybercrimes.net/State/index.html  Computer Crime Statues by State
searchsystems.net  State/Local/Fed research for licenses and much other stuff.
zabasearch.com  Research people and public information.
bailiwick.lib.uiowa.edu  Media Law & Communications Internet resources
fairuse.stanford.edu  CopyRight and Fair Use information from Stanford U. library
grep.law.harvard.edu  Legal research from Harvard edu.
law.gonzaga.edu  CyberLaw article from California Pacific School of Law.
lcweb.loc.gov  Library of Congress.
leg1.state.va.us Virginia computer crime: Title 18.2 Chapter 5 Section 152.1
leg1.state.va.us  Virginia statutes.
legisweb.state.wy.us  Wyoming statutes
legisweb.state.wy.us  Wyoming computer statutes. Title 6 Chapter 3 Article 5.
mailer.fsu.edu Complete List of state computer statutes
mailer.fsu.edu  Computer Crime resource page at Florida State U.
nsi.org  State computer laws by state
thomas.loc.gov  Legislation Information on the Internet from the Thomas law library; includes bills, Congressional Record, and more.
uscode.house.gov  House of Representatives law revision counsel
uscode.house.gov/usc.htm  U.S. Code Searchable.
users.ap.net  Legal links of all types.
ww-swiss.ai.mit.edu  Reading sources on computer crime from MIT.
ag.state.az.us  Arizona Comprehesive cybercrime bill. pdf file.
albany.edu  Statistics Site for legal statistics
assembly.ca.gov  California State Assembly
azleg.state.az.us  Arizona state legislature page.
azleg.state.az.us  Arizona computer crime statutes. 13-02316
capitol.state.tx.us  Texas computer crime statute: title 7 chapter 33
capitol.state.tx.us  Texas Penal Code (statutes). Chapter 33 is Computer Sections.
capitol.state.tx.us  Texas Statutes.
cobbgasupctclk.com  Cobb County Georgia Superior Court records
copyright.umich.edu  DMCA Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Click: Library of Congress Link.
cybercrimes.net  model state computer crimes code.
discovery  excellent source for discovery issues
epic.org  U.S. Patriot Act
epic.org:80  Privacy Laws by state
fedbar.org  Federal Bar Association
findlaw.com  Findlaw legal research.
findlaw.com  Complete list of state statues. General criminal codes.
fletc.gov  Excellent Legal reference page from FLETC Legal section.
forensics.com  Attorney Briefings. Information for attorneys on case law, discovery, court preparation and other legal references. ilrg.com  Internet Legal Research Guide. boasts over 4000 links.
jmls.edu  John Marshall Law School.
kscourts.org/ca10  10th Circuit court of Appeals.
kslegislature.org  Kentucky Computer statutes. Enter 21-3755.
Law.com  Legal news and information.
law.cornell.edu  Cornell Law School Main page
federal rules of civil procedure  includes section 26 (discovery)
law.cornell.edu  State Constititions and statutes.
law.cornell.edu  Topical list of state statutes
law.emory.edu  Emory University, Atlanta, GA. Law school.
law.emory.edu  U.S. Court of Appeals Federal Circuit Court Opinions
law.utexas.edu  U.S. Court Of Appeals: 5th Circuit, Texas
lawcrawler.com  Law Crawler. Links to many law libraries and legal research.
lawsource.com Complete list of state and federal statutes and other research sources. Also: Canada and Mexico.
lectlaw.com Lectric Law Library.
leg.state.fl.us  Florida computer statutes (2nd link)
leg.state.fl.us  Florida statutes, Title XLVI chapter 815
leg.state.mn.us  Minnesota statutes.
leg.state.or.us  Oregon computer crime statutes. section 164.377
leg.state.vt.us  Vermont statutes.
leg.state.vt.us  Vermont computer crime statutes title 13 Chapter 87 Section 4101-4107.
leginfo.ca.gov  California State Law /other legal information
legis.state.ga.us  Georgia, code unannotated. State computer crime statutes are 16-9-90 (-93)
legis.state.wi.us  Wisconsin statutes.
library.emory.edu  Emory University, Ga. Library Resources
loc.gov  Copyright U.S. Title 17, copyright statute
loc.gov  Global Legal Information Library of Congress
loc.gov  Law Library of Congress.
michie.com  Resource link page to some states.
michiganlegislature.org  Michigan statutes.
netforlawyers.com  Internet for Lawyers research page
njleg.state.nj.us  New Jersey statutes."Computer crimes". Computer statutes are section 2C:20-26, 20-27, 20-28, 20-30, 20-31
officer.com  Legal Research from Officer.com
ojp.usdoj.gov  (NIJ) NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF JUSTICE home page
oklegal.onenet.net  Oklahoma computer crime statutes. Title 21 section 953
online-law.co.uk  UK, Greate Britain, Law research in the United Kingdom
peertopeer.org  Lawnet. Legal resource page.
rcfp.org"  State by state laws regarding recording telephone converstation, and other items
revisor.leg.state.mn.us  Minnesota statutes. Computer code section 609.87 ...
romingerlegal.com  Legal research page.
romingerlegal.com  New Jersey Legal research page
sen.ca.gov  California State Senate
state.ma.us  Massachusetts computer crime statute.
state.ma.us  Massachusetts Child Pornographystatute.
state.ma.us Massachusetts main law page.
texaspolicecentral.com  Texas laws and other legal links in Texas
usdoj.gov  18USC1030 statute from DOJ.
usdoj.gov  Cybercrime Document section (CCIPS).
usdoj.gov  DOJ Computer Crime and Intellectual Property (CCIPS)
virtuallibrarian.com  State legistlative links from the Virtual Librarian page.
www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode  US Code from Cornell Law School. Searchable by title and section.
www4.law.cornell.edu  18USC1030 statute from cornell law.
www4.law.cornell.edu  (PPA) Privacy Protection Act deals with publishers
atlantabar.org  Atlanta bar association membership

Selected Federal and State Statutes

www.onlinesecurity.com/forum/article46.php  Computer Crime Statues by State
www.crime-research.org/library/State.pdf  PDF file of Computer Crime Statues by State
cybercrimes.net/State/index.html  Computer Crime Statues by State

Link to House of Representatives, US CODE

18USC1029 Fraud and Related Activity in Connection with Access Devices
18USC1030 Fraud and Related Activity in Connection with Computers
18USC1343 Fraud by Wire, Radio, or Television
18USC2511 Title III, Wiretap
18USC2510 Title III Definitions
18USC2701 Unlawful Access to Stored Communications
18USC2319 Criminal Infringement of a Copyright

42USC2000aa PPA Privacy Protection Act  Searches and Seizures by Government Officers

Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)
DOJ Guidelines
DOJ Guidelines Appendices
Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (ECPA) (18USC2510)

links to other federal statutes
Patriot act guidance

References (law enforcment only)

Georgia Statutes. (not inclusive)

For direct page links, use the format:

10-15-2   A business may not discard a record containing personal information unless it:
http://www.legis.state.ga.us/cgi-bin/gl_codes_detail.pl?code=10-15-2    alternate

16-9-90   This article shall be known and may be cited as the 'Georgia Computer Systems Protection Act.'
http://www.legis.state.ga.us/cgi-bin/gl_codes_detail.pl?code=16-9-90    alternate

16-9-91 (General) The General Assembly finds that:
http://www.legis.state.ga.us/cgi-bin/gl_codes_detail.pl?code=16-9-91    alternate

16-9-92 (Definitions)   As used in this article, the term:
http://www.legis.state.ga.us/cgi-bin/gl_codes_detail.pl?code=16-9-92    alternate

16-9-93   Computer Theft/Trespass etc.
http://www.legis.state.ga.us/cgi-bin/gl_codes_detail.pl?code=16-9-93    alternate

16-9-93.1   Computer Theft/Trespass etc.
http://www.legis.state.ga.us/cgi-bin/gl_codes_detail.pl?code=16-9-93.1    alternate

16-9-94   For the purpose of venue under this article, ...
http://www.legis.state.ga.us/cgi-bin/gl_codes_detail.pl?code=16-9-94    alternate

19-7-5    Some definitions of child explitation, ...
http://www.legis.state.ga.us/cgi-bin/gl_codes_detail.pl?code=19-7-5    alternate

42-1-12    Child exploitation:
http://www.legis.state.ga.us/legis/2003_04/gacode/42-1-12.html    alternate

NIJ Publications

These are two of many NIJ and NIST publications dealing with computer forensics.

NIST First Responder document enter document #187736, or keywords: "Electronic Crime Scene".
View the "First_Responder_NIST.pdf" locally

NIST docuemt: Forensic Examination of Digital Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement   enter document #199408".
View the "Digital_evidence_NIST.pdf" locally


Linux sources and reference

public.planetmirror.com Linux boot CD's and other useful tools for those wishing a small bootable Linux environment.
fish.com Linux MD5 values of installed Linux versions. (note: this website name may be offensive)
fish.com  Linux forensics class handouts and information from Dan Farmer.
frech.ch  Linux HOW TO's. Looks like a good resource for hot to do things in Linux
freshmeat.com  Linux source code and current versions of most packages.
linux-forensics.com  Linux Forensic boot CD with a complete working Linux system, called Penguin Sleuth Bootable CD.
linuxguruz.org  Gurus Linux information page. Many good links, and much information.
linuxiso.org ISO images of most Linux ports.
lnx-bbc.org Linux ISO boot images trimmed down to fit on a credit card CD. and other Linux stuff.
ugu.com  Unix Guru page. UNIX/Linux system admin, help and research
washington.edu  Linux information and a lot of other good articles and research material. You have to drill down the site.



nanpa.com  North AMerican Numbering Plan. Phone number research. Technical site.
www.maps-gps-info.com  GPS coordinate conversions. Both ways
adp.infousa.com  InfoUSA people and business locator.
canada411.sympatico.ca  Canadian 411 directory
directory.eliyon.com  People locator. try yoiur own name.
intelius.com  For Pay people locator.
fonefinder.net  phone number assignments
genealogy.tbox.com  Genealogy Toolbox, another geneology page
homepages.whowhere.com  Collection of categorized personal home pages, email and more.
internettollfree.com  Toll Free phone numbers
paginegialle.virgilio.it  Italian phone listings(in Italian)
query1.whowhere.com  Find people.
resources.rootsweb.com  Genealogy research
strategis.ic.gc.ca  Canadian business and phone directory.
wp.gte.net  GTE Business locator. Has phone directories from Verizon.
411locate.com  Phone numbers, reverse, and e-mail from registered users.com.
addresses.com  Find phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
allonesearch.com  Probably over 50 Links to all kinds of people locators.
ancestry.com  Genealogy, Persons ancestry. Find the SSN of deceased persons (fee based).
anywho.com  Phone and Business listings
anywho.com/rl.html  Reverse phone lookup
bigyellow.com  Big Yellow pages from superpages.com
bizwiz.com  BIZWIZ Links to all kinds of business information and other sites. Some free searches. Exhaustive business listings. Trashes the back button.
canada411.ca  Canadian 411 directory
cedar.buffalo.edu  Zip Code Finder. Provides a zip code U.S. postal address.
cnac.ca/mapcodes.htm  Area Codes from Canada
cpcug.org  Genealogy Links to other genealogy sites
criminalpages.com  Backround checks. Untested
freeality.com  Freeality People search. Multiple phone and locator links
iaf.net  Internet Address Finder (IAF)
indiacom.com  India Yellow Pages.
infobel.be  International people locator. Many countries.
infobel.com  France reverse phone numbers.
infospace.com  Phone number, reverse, public records. business proximity address.
infospace.com  Business search. Also has NEAR address search.
intelius.com  People finder. The backed of zabasearch (6/2007)
landings.com  Pilots and pilot license data base.
www.landings.com  Airline Pilots Private page with searches to find certified pilots. With a General  aviation page
lincmad.com  Area Codes of the Caribbean
looking4u.com  Lots of other links.
lookupusa.com  Lookup research.
nanpa.com  Area Codes of the U.S. and within cities, and reverse.
nic.mil  Military Personnel Information for the DOD Network Information Center. nic.mil.
pac-info.com licensed Professional persons and license locator.
pagesjaunes.fr  France phone number lookup.
paginegialle.it  Italian 411 phone directory. (in Italian)
peopledata.com  People locator phonebookoftheworld.com">Phone book of the world.
primeris.com  Phone exchanges and what company holds the block of exchanges.
reversedirectory.langenberg.com  Phone numbers from many sites. Very inclusive
reversephonecheck.com  Reverse phone number lookup. Charge for service
skipease.com  Individual people search links. Includes reverse.
superpages.com  Yellow Pages Search by type of business.
switchboard.com  Phone numbers. e-mail of registered users.
telcodata.us  Phone exchanges and what company holds the block of exchanges.
teldir.com  International Listing of phone directories
theultimates.com  Search 6 phone services at once. This is a one stop shop.
tollfree.att.net  ATT 800 numbers. The reverse section shows neighbors also.
tollfreephone.com  Toll Free phone numbers, with reverse lookup
uga.edu  University of Georgia Locator pages.
usatrace.com  General purpose searches of many categories.
usatrace.com  Investigative data base searches
usps.gov  US Post Office. Go to the zip code tab.
ussearch.com Person phone locator(for a fee)
virtuallibrarian.com  Virtual Librarian Internet Research
whitepages.com  Person, area code, zip code finder.
whowhere.com  Find e-mail addresses
whowhere.com  E-mail Addresses
whowhere.com  Toll Free Numbers Directory reference by state and category.
whowhere.com  Phone Numbers & Addresses directory service.
whowhere.lycos.com  General people finder and research.
whowhere.lycos.com  Phone number search.
worldemail.com  Phone, e-mail lookup.
yahoo.com  People Search
zabasearch.com  people search, and backgrounds (for a price) (6/2007)
yp.bellsouth.com  Bell South Yellow Pages.
yp.lycos.com  Yellow Pages and corporate locators.



home.vicinity.com  Maps.
mappoint.msn.com  Maps and driving directions.
maps.esri.com  Census Bureau Maps from ESRI
anywho.com  Maps from AnyWho
esri.com  (ESRI) Environmental Systems Research. Has maps, demographic information.
hdm.com  Mapping software.
mapquest.com  Driving maps, Personalized maps
multimap.com  Excellent Map location.



http://www.abanet.org/tech/ltrc/fyidocs/metadatachart.htmlABA Metadata opinions
payneconsulting.com  Metadata Assistant from Payne Consulting.com. Views meta data from Microsoft Word and Excel.
picmeta.com  Metadata from digital cameras. Picture Information Extractor program.
peccatte.karefil.com  Metadata information and extraction program


Newspapers, Books, Magazines, Periodicals, Publications, TV and Radio Stations

chacs.nrl.navy.mil  Security Papers from Center for High Assurance Computer Systems, a branch of Naval research
nejm.org  New England Journal Of Medicine magazine
emedia1.mediainfo.com  Media Links From editor and publisher magazine. online media directory
groups.google.com  Google Internet (USENET) Newsgroups page
money.cnn.com  CNN Money Magazine
nbci.msnbc.com  NBC research page.
news.cnet.com  CNET news page
people.aol.com  People magazine
reviews-zdnet.com.com  Computer hardware reviews.
virtuallibrarian.com  Forensic and investigative books and published documents.
wsbradio.com  WSB-Radio Atlanta
accessatlanta.com  AccessAtlanta from Atlanta Journal Newspaper.
accessatlanta.com  WSB-TV Atlanta, AccessAtlanta WSB TV station
books.com  Barnes & Noble online bookstore
cmp.com  Source for lots of online technical magazines.
cnet.com  CNET, Online computer magazine.
cnn.com  CNN.
computercraft.com  Computer articles and research.
computerworld.com  Computer World.
crcpress.com CRC Press. Books in general. Has some forensic books.
Forensic Blog  National Museum of Crime & Punishment
economist.com  The Economist magazine
editorandpublisher.com  Editor and Publisher magazine.
eff.org  EFF "Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Documents" Archive
ew.com  Entertainment weekly magazine.
examiner.com  San Francisco Examiner
fcw.com  Federal Computer Week and other publications homepage
fedweek.com  Fedweek Publication
fedworld.gov  Fed World Homepage and links to many other federal sites.
fortune.com  Fortune magazine.
fox5atlanta.com  FOX 5 Atlanta, GA
ijde.org  (IJDE) International Journal of Digital Evidence.
informationweek.com  Information Week Magazine
itd.nrl.navy.mil  Security Papers Center for High Assurance Computer Systems, Information Technology Division of the Naval Research Laboratory.
kxan.com  KXAN Television Austin, Tx.
latimes.com  Los Angeles Times
nbc4.com  NBC in Washington D.C.
ncbi.nlm.nih.gov  Medical Research & Biotech articles
ncbi.nlm.nih.gov  Medical Research articles.
ncits.org  NCITS: National Committee for Information Technology Standards web page.
nejm.org  New England Journal Of Medicine magazine
ntsecurity.net  Windows Magazine, Security section
nytimes.com  New York Times Newspaper.
ora.com  O'Reilly & Associates Books and Software
oreilly.com  O'Reilly & Associates Books and Software
oreillynet.com  O'Reilley book research.
pbs.org  PBS home page.
pcmag.com  PC Magazine online
pctechguide.com Technical research. Excellent computer hardware reference.
pcworld.com  PC World magazine. Lots of computer news.
pcworld.com  PC World news page
pcworld.com  PC World news page.
sacbee.com  Sacramento Bee
salon.com  Salon Magazine from San Francisco.
sciam.com  Scientific American magazine
sddt.com  San Diego Source
securitymanagement.com  Security Managment online. ASIS Monthly magazine.
sfexaminer.com  San Francisco Examiner
sfgate.com  San Francisco Chronicle
www.shk-dplc.com  Computer forensics online magazine
smithsonianmag.si.edu  Smithsonian magazine.
ssc.com  Websmith Magazine. How-to magazine for the web.
techtv.com  TechTV Cybercrime page.
techweb.com  Business technology.
techweb.com  TECHWEB technical magazines.
time.com  Time magazine online
timesonline.co.uk  London Times
usatoday.com  USA Today.
wagatv.com  WAGA-TV Atlanta
winmag.com  archived magazine article. From TechWeb.
winmag.com  WinMag and TechWeb. Online reference magazines for computers.
wired.com  Wired Wired home page
wsbtv.com  WSB TV, Atlanta.
zdnet.com  ZDNET online magazine and reference.



650mi.nato.army.mil  Lathe Gambit, Nato forensic organization
all.net  Cybercop (Kevin Manson) home page
ascld.org  American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors. Laboratory requirements.
expertpages.com  Expert witness and other experts. A Directory of Experts, Expert Witnesses, Consultants
net work security degree.org  Education
nsi.org  National Security Institute'ssecurity page
nsi.org National Security Institute's, Internet security page. Has good computer security link page.
pimall.com/nais  (NAIS) National Association of Investigative Services. Investigative help pages. Mostly private investigator resources. Large list of investigative and security resources.
angelfire.com  National Police Officers Associations, A list of many different law enforcment related groups.
antiterrorism.org  Antiterrorism page with informaition for security and antiterrorism
asis.org  (ASIS) American Society for Information Science
asisonline.org  American Society for Industrial Security
asisonline.org  ASIS international
ccs.org  Chicago computer society tips page.
cfca.org  Communications Fraud and Control Association (CFA). An association to help combat telecommunication fraud and abuse.
cfenet.com  Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
co.gloucester.nj.us  Computer Crimes and technical services links.
cpsr.org  Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.
crcfl.org   Colorado Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory
cybercrime.org (NWCCC) National White Collar Crime Center
cybersnitch.net  Cybersnitch, High tech Crime reporting system. With software and organization links.
eff.org  (EFF) Electronic Frontier Foundation: tools page and index  page to many other links and articles.
facci.org  (FACCI) Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators
fas.org  US Intelligence and security agencies
finaid.com  Financial Aid. College financial aid pages
forensicsweb.com  (CFID) Computer Forensic Investigator. ISP Lists
forensicsweb.com,  Direct link to ISP contact list from James Nerlinger at InfoBin.org.
fraud.org  National Fraud Information Center 1-800-876-7060.
gocsi.com  (CSI) Computer Security Institute (CSI)
hightechcrimecops.org   (HTCC) High Tech Crime Consortium, has some excellent law enforcment links.
hightechcrimecops.org  HTCC links to organization and resources.
htcia.org  (HTCIA) High Technology Crime Investigation Association
htcn.org  (HTCN) High Tech Crime Network
iafci.org  (IAFCI) International Association of Financial Crime Investigators.
iisfa.org  (ISFA)Information Systems Forensics Association.
ioce.org  International Organization on Computer Evidence
lanl.gov   Los Alamos Laboratory
lathegambit.org  Lathe Gambit Allied Command Europe, Counterintelligence Agency web site.
napo.org  (NAPO) National Association of Police Organizations.
ncfs.org  National Center for Forensic Science
ncits.org  NCITS: National Committee for Information Technology Standards web page. Has many good standards.
nctp.org  (NCTP) National Cybercrime Training Partnership
nipc.gov  (NIPC) National Infrastructure Protection Center and the NIPC  pressroom. Congressional statement on NIPC. Congressional statement on cybercrime.
ntrcfl.org  North Texas Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory
nw3c.org  (NWCCC) National White Collar Crime Center
oletc.org  NLECTC Regional Centers
pavnet.org  (PAV) Partnerships Against Violence
rcfg.org  Regional Computer Forensic Group.
rcfl.org   San Diego Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory
rcflwny.org  New York Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory
sans.org  SANS Institute
search.org  Search Group.
swgde.org  Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence
theiia.org  Institute of Internal Auditors. (IIA)
thetrainingCo.com  The Training Co. Training resources and other investigative links
treas.gov  (FLETC) Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
trusecure.com  Truesecure. Managed security.
virtuallibrarian.com  Links from "Virtuallibrarian" to Computer and Internet Security Resources
w3.org  WWW Consortium.
w3j.com  WWW (World Wide Web Journal) Virtual Library
wacci.org  Wisconsin Association of Computer Crime Investigators



htcia.org  (HTCIA) High Technology Crime Investigation Association's
htcia-bayarea.org  (HTCIA) San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
htcia-midatlantic.org  (HTCIA) Mid Atlantic Chapter
htcia-siliconvly.org  (HTCIA) Silicon Valley Chapter
pw2.netcom.com  (HTCIA) Austin, Tx. Chapter
a3z.net  (HTCIA) North California Chapter
atlhtcia.org  (HTCIA) Atlanta Ga. Chapter
carolinahtcia.org  (HTCIA) Carolina Chapter
htcia-sd.org  HTCIA San Diego Chapter
htcia-sw.org  HTCIA Southwest Chapter. (Dallas/Plano Tx).
midwesthtcia.org  HTCIA MidWest Chapter
mihtcia.org  HTCIA Michigan Chapter
nb-htcia.org  (HTCIA) New Brunswick, Canada, Chapter
ne-htcia.org  (HTCIA) NorthEast Chapter
rpis.org  (HTCIA) Louisianna Chapter
valleyhtcia.com  HTCIA Central Valley (Calif.) Chapter



cops.org  IACIS is composed of law enforcement professionals. I.A.C.I.S. membership consists of Federal, State, Local and International law enforcement professionals. Can also be found at www.iacis.com.

InfraGard chapters

iafci.org  International Assoc. of Financial Crimes Investigatorshome page
infragard.net  Infragard National
infragardatlanta.org  Infragard Atlanta
ncinfragard.org  Infragard North Carolina Chapter
vtinfragard.org  Vermont Infragard Chapter

ISSA and ISFA chapters

atlanta.iisfa.org  Atlanta IISFA chapter.
iisfa.org  National IISFA chapter.
issa.org  ISSA National
issa-atl.org ISSA Atlanta Chapter
issa-ne.org  ISSA New England Chapter


Police Organizations and related

licgweb.doacs.state.fl.us Florida License page. Links to licensing authorities.
members.aol.com  Links to high tech groups and organizations.
pas.fdle.state.fl.us  Florida Crime Information System. FCIS. Contains: Wanted/Missing Persons, stolen articles etc., research.
police.sas.ab.ca  List of additional police type resources
police.sas.ab.ca  Forensic Examiner Sources. Links to tremendous number of forensic and investigative sources.
policeinternational.com   Agencies and other police oriented resources from Police International. Has Canadian and most local U.S. agencies.
angelfire.com  National Police Officers Associations. A list of many different law enforcment related groups.
www.asis.org (ASIS) American Society for Information Science
cacci.net  Colorado Association of Computer Crime Investigators (CACCI)
ccmostwanted.com  Cyber criminals most wanted resource page.
cfenet.com  (CFE)Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
ci.akron.oh.us  Akron OH. High Tech and Computer Crimes task force.
ci.austin.tx.us  Austin Tx. PD high tech crimes page.
co.gloucester.nj.us  Links to high tech groups and organizations
copnet.org  Police agencies and fraternal organizations of the world.
cops.org  (IACIS) International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists
copseek.com  Directory of Law Enforcement Agencies at Copseek.com
Criminology resource sites  from http://www.criminology.net
cybercrime.org  Directory of Law Enforcement Agencies from NWCC.
dc.state.fl.us  Florida Inmate information from department of corrections.
dcor.state.ga.us  Georgia Department of correntions inmate inquiry.
discovercriminaljustice.com  Criminal Justice Degree Programs & Careers Online
facci.org  (FACCI) Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators
fas.org  US Intelligence and security agencies
fedbar.org  Federal Bar Association
fwpoa.org  Ft. Worth. TX Police Officers Associations.
hcso.org  Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, Cincinatti, OH.
hightechcrimecops.org  (HTCC)High Tech Crime Consortium
hightechcrimecops.org  (HTCC)List of other links to organization and resources.
htcn.org  (HTCN) High Tech Crime Network. High Tech Research site.
iabti.org  International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators.
iacp.org  (IACP) International Association of Chiefs of Police.
iafci.org International Assoc. of Financial Crimes Investigators home page
ialeia.org  Intl Assoc of Law Enforcement Intel Analysts
ih2000.net  Law Enforcment Sites on the web. Tremendous resource page.
ih2000.net  Campus College police
ih2000.net  City police departments
ih2000.net  County Sheriff deparments.
infoforensics.org  ISFA. Information Systems Forensics Association
lathegambit.org  Lathe Gambit. Allied Command Europe, Counterintelligence Agency web site.
lawenforcementtraining.org  Law enforcement training schools and programs
mostwanted.com  The World's Most Wanted.
napo.org  (NAPO) National Association of Police Organizations.
ndeoa.org  National Drug Enforcement Officers Assoc
oceantwp.org  Ocean P.D., Oakhurst, NJ 07755.
officer.com  Police organizations at officer.com
officer.com Law Enforcement Professional Organizations lists.
www.officer.com  Arson and bomb squad units from officers.com
officer.com  officer.com high tech crime units links page.
policefuturists.org  Police Futurists International
rcfg.org  Regional Computer Forensic Group (RCFG). A subgroup of the Mid-Atlantic HTCIA located in the Washington D.C. area.
rcmp-grc.gc.ca  (RCMP) Royal Canadian Mounted Police home page
rcmp-grc.gc.ca  (RCMP) Royal Canadian Mounted Police home page
sheriffs.org  National Sheriffs Association.
sheriffs.org  National Sheriffs Association
slpoa.org  St. Louis Police Officers Association.
stlouisco.com  St. Louis County Police Department.
theiacp.org  Intl Assoc of Chiefs of Police
treas.gov (FLETC)Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
virtualgumshoe.com  Virtual Gumshoe, Good Law Enforecement Information Site.
virtuallibrarian.com  Investigators toolbox resources from Virtual Librarian.
virtuallibrarian.com  COmputer and Internet Security resources from "Virtuallibrarian".
wacci.org  Wisconsin Association of Computer Crime Investigators
web-police.org  Web Police organization of investigative resources.


Registry editors/viewers

devhood.com  Inctrl registry editor and monitor. Monitors registry changes.
imaginelan.com  Regsafe, registry editor from Imaginelan.com
protect-me.com  Active Registry Monitor (ARM), designed to display changes in the registry by keeping backup copies.
registrytool.com  Registry tool, registrar registry editor
resplendence.com  "Registrar", and "Resplendent" Registry editor
resplendence.com  "Respendent" registrar registry editor from resplendence.com


searchsystems.net  State/Local/Fed research for licenses and much other stuff.
zabasearch.com  Research people and public information.
webopedia.internet.com  Excellent computer and internet research page
actlab.utexas.edu  Web Search Gateways Links to good research tools.
Google search on steroids
fbscomputers.com  appears to be a very complete research page for forensics related material.
usatrace.com  This page has over 300 forensic and investigative links. Just links, no explanation.
catless.ncl.ac.uk  Risks Digest from the UK
developer.netscape.com  Internet/Netscape, Internet/Browser developer documentation.
eric-web.tc.columbia.edu  (ERIC) Education Resources Information Center. statistics on education.
expertpages.com  Directory of Experts, Expert Witnesses, Consultants
earthlink.net  Key Computer Service.
homepages.whowhere.co  General research.
its.anu.edu.au  Australian National University policy on Information Technology (IT) Security
licgweb.doacs.state.fl.us Florida Drivers License page.
mailer.fsu.edu  Computer Crime Research information from Florida State University
members.aol.com  Computer & High Tech Crime and related sites.
nccanch.acf.hhs.gov  National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse
police.sas.ab.ca  Forensic Examiner Sources. Links to tremendous number of forensic and investigative sources.
security.cw.net  Cable and Wireless Security alerts page.
terraserver-usa.com  Teraserver maps. view satellite photos.
terraserver-usa.com  View satellite maps and photos.
thereference.com  Reference, Web based encyclopedia page.
www-lib.usc.edu  Gangs: "A Bibliography"
www-sul.stanford.edu  Virtual Library from Stanford University. Site for all kinds of research.
acfe.com  (ACFE) American College of Forensic Examiners
albany.edu  Site for legal and CJ statistics from sourcebook online.
ama-assn.org  Physicians and Nurse locator from AMA
blooberry.com  Excellent HTML reference material.
blue-planet.com  General research page. Especially the internet section.
ccmostwanted.com Cybercrime resource page.
cedar.buffalo.edu  Zip Code Finder, Provides a zip code for a valid U.S. postal address. Has links to map software also.
cellreception.com  Cell Phone towers (10/07)
cerias.purdue.edu  COAST Purdue University Security research page.
cl.cam.ac.uk  Cambridge University Computer Lab and Information Security Papers
cmu.edu  Carnegie Mellon U.. Home of CERT
computer-conversions.com Computer Conversions data recovery
computercraft.com  Computer Terms, definitions and hard drive tricks.
computerhope.com  Computer information of all kinds. Technical research page.
cybercrime.org  Directory of cybercrime websites.
cybercrime.org  Extensive Directory of Law Enforcement Agencies and other links.
cybersciencelab.com  An effort by NIJ and NIST to provide CyberSecurity community with INGREDIENTS to combat Electronic Crime
cybersnitch.net  Cybersnitch crime reporting database and reports.
dc.state.fl.us  Florida Inmate information.
dcor.state.ga.us  GBI Georgia Sex Offender page
dcor.state.ga.us  Georgia Department of correntions inmate inquiry.
digital-detective.co.uk Digital Detective resource site. Has excellent date conversion utility.
digitmania.holowww.com  DIGITS (numbers). HTML Digits and counters for HTML pages.
earthlink.net  Internet and Web help sites and information
eff.org  EFF "Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Documents" Archive (the other side)
fas.org  US Intelligence and security agencies
finaid.com  Financial Aid and College financial aid pages
fish.com  Linux forensics class handouts and information from Dan Farmer.
forensic-science-society.org.uk  Forensics Science Society of Great Britain
fosson.com  Public records search links. Links to 25 state sex offender lists.
garykessler.net  Research pages and links from Gary Kessler on computer forensics and many many other reference sites.
go.com  General search engine pages. Has news items on main page.
gocsi.com  (CSI) Computer security institute.
grantsmart.org  Non-profit organization tax returns
hbg.psu.edu  Penn State University
hbg.psu.edu  Research tools for (Penn State University).
icpsr.umich.edu  National Archive of Criminal Justice Data. contains archives of criminal justice statistics and data.
infowar.com  INFOWAR Security page
ipl.org  Internet Public Library.
istm.org  Travel medicine site from International Society of Travel Medicin.
itaa.org  Information Technology Association of America.
itaa.org  ITAA, Information Technology Association of America, awareness page.
itl.nist.gov  publication list from NIST
itools.com  iTools, Generic Research: Including for phone numbers, addresses, dictionary, and other internet research.
jcsmithinv.com  Industrial Espionage Investigations guildlines.
knowx.com  A commercial firm that will search public records on an individual or company for a fee.
knowx.com  Research. A commercial firm. Search public records on an individual or company for a fee.
koalanet.com  from Australia. Information about Australia.
lib.ox.ac.uk  Oxford University Library, England
math.ua.edu  U. Of Alabama. Math dept.
math.yorku.ca  Statistical resources, papers and links for statistical subjects.
mcnc.org  MCNC is a non profit corporation that offers access to advanced electronic and information technologies.
microsoft.com  Microsoft security advisor online
nacic.gov  (NACIC) National Counter Intelligence Center
ncjrs.org  National Criminal Justice Reference Service from Justice Information Center
nu2.nu  CD boot disks. Information on how to make bootable CD's
pctechguide.com  Technical research site for computer technologies
phonescoop.com  A good general research site for movil phone types and information from manufacturers.
ABC Amber Conversions  Has a lot of conversion type programs from one format to another
prosystech.com  Internet and other general research.
publicdebt.treas.gov  Savings Bond wizard to calculate savings bond values
refdesk.com  References of every type.
refdesk.com  Free downloads.
reger24.de/processes.php  A page listing a substantial amount of W2K and XP processes. Good research page
reversedirectory.langenberg.com  Phone numbers of every type. Includes many reverse lookups. Has links to dictionaries and other reference materials. Very inclusive site. Excellent site.
search.com  General research.
searchsystems.net Professional licenses from almost every state.
searchsystems.net  Georgia general research.
securiteam.com  SecurIteam Internet and OS security page.
skipease.com  People Research information. Can show social security state origination.
stratfor.com  Strategic Forcasting Intelligence site.
sysopt.com  Hardware and software reference site
taxprophet.com  Tax Prophet deciphers the Internal Revenue Code for U.S. and foreign taxpayers.
techadvice.com  Technical information about computers.
techcrime.com  Links to technical and forensic search engines.
techtv.com  TechTV Cybercrime page.
terrorism.com  Counter-Terrorism Page from The Terrorism Research Center
tncrimlaw.com  Forensics Science Resources
ualberta.ca  U. of Alberta Canada, computer help desk.
uga.edu/find.html  University of Georgia Locator pages. Contains links to UGA and net sites.
uh.edu  University of Texas, Houston, Computer and Information (IT) Security use policy
unicode.org  Unicode reference, and list of all the charts
usdoj.gov  Guidelinesfor searching and seizing computers
usps.com  US Post Office Zip Code lookups
usps.gov  U.S. Postal Service Home page.
usps.gov  Zip Codes From US Post Office.
utdallas.edu  UT Dallas. IS Policy for the use and Protection of Information Resources
utsystem.edu  University of Texas Computer use policy
verbaljudo.com  Verbal Judo or how to convince people
verbaljudo.com  Verbal Judo or how to convince people
virtuallibrarian.com  Virtual Librarian computer and internet security resources.
w3.org  World Wide Wed Consortium (WWW) Web Virtual Library: Classified by subject. Excellent research.
w3.org/vl  World Wide Web Virtual Library.
w3schools.com  HTML and other tutorials. (HTML, XML, SCRIPTING)
www1.drive.net  General aviation page
umn.edu  University of Minnesota data security policy
www3.oakland.edu  Oakland University Home Page
secure.sos.state.ga.us Georgia licensed professional research.
windows_fe  Wordpress, articles on Windows forensics topics
tripprep.com  Travel medicine site from Travel Health online

Screen Savers, Page Capture

kevingunn.com  Editor Screen capture, image editors and more web tools.
surfsaver.com  Surfsaver is a web capturing software package from Asksam.com
techsmith.com  Snagit sceen capture.
hyperionics.comScreen Capture Software

Search engines and other research

webcrawler.com  One of the best. Does multiple searched of google, yahoo, altavista and others all at once.
users.erols.com  Multiple search engines.

try one of the above before anything else.

galaxy.einet.net  Links to much research.
nbci.msnbc.com  Search engine. yellow and white pages.
actlab.utexas.edu  Links to many search engines."best ways to find what you want on the Web"
altavista.com  Alta Vista search engine.
amdahl.com  Index page with many links to other search engines.
arin.net  ARIN internet research. Do IP whois.
excite.com  Excite search engine.
freeality.com  multiple search engine links. includes phone and reverse phone.
freeality.com  People search. Multiple phone and locator links
go.com  research from Disney group.
hotbot.com  search engine.
infospace.com  White pages and reverse search engine.
lycos.com  Search engine.
metacrawler.com  search engine. Hits multiple other search engines.
stpt.com  search engine.
techcrime.com  Links to general research sites.
techcrime.com  Tech Crime Links. A lot of search engines.
ucc.ie  Acronym search engine.
yahoo.com  search engine.

Software: generic

fileguru.com  Has a lot of free and other very useful software. Especially PDF stuff (9/2012)
ftp.cdrom.com   Simtel CD-Rom FTP software site.
ftp.elf.stuba.sk  Software FTP site.
ftp.maricopa.edu  Software FTP site. Has Windows, 95, NT and lots of other stuff.
ftp.mfi.com  C/C++ Users Journal Code software from this FTP site
labrea.stanford.edu  GNU software Stanford University software FTP site. includes GNU site.
labrea.stanford.edu/pub  GNU software FTP site, and pub directory from Stanford University.
chattanooga.net  MBXtract viewers for Outlook Express files.
cutemouse.sourceforge.net  Mouse DOS mouse driver.
Strouds Winsock  Strounds Winsock software and much more.
dmoz.org  Excellent **** site for shareware of all kinds.
Download.com  A site that has a lot of current driver updates and other software.
downloads-zdnet.com.com  ZDNET Software Library. Has driver link, utilities and internet software.
en.downloadastro.com  Page with a lot of general software categories.
File Formats  File extensions and headers from filext.com
Goodies  Open Source Software from a site in Austria.
Open Source  Software from a site in Austria.
Compaq  Service packs for Compaq
Compaq Support  Support for Compaq products
Linux  NTFS support and code page.
microsoft.com  Microsoft home page
Win95 Windows 95 pages
Windows 95 stuff  Windows 9X
nirsoft.tripod.com  Software, similar to Revelation, called Asterwin, and lots more.
no-nonsense-software.com  Directory listing, cataloging, screen capture and others.
Security  Internet/Network Software and hardware from Packetstorm. Deals mainly with network and *UX stuff. Check the bottom of hte page.
enterpriseitplanet.com  Software site.
Software  distribution site. Has anti-keylogger section.
Security  information with software, products, services and other links. Also has mailing lists.
sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/  PDF Creator from sourceforge GNU project
IBM  Hard drive/storage Technical support.
microsoft.com LBA  Microsoft Large Disk 48 Bit LBA support page
microsoft.com  Create floppy boot disk for XP
Online Dictionary  for computer terms.
1000files  Free pdf software and pdf conversion software software.
48bitlba.com  Large Disk 48 Bit support site and sofwtware
ACDSEE  Thumbnail and digital image viewer and processing software.
Adaptec  Adaptec Home page
Adobe  Acrobat and other software from Adobe.
Adobe Adobe acrobat
Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Page
AsksamWeb products. Page capture software.
@State  Security/software reserach site.
Software  distribution site. DBF viewers. PASSWARE password recovery.
bigclearance.com  Software clearance and overstocks. OEM versions at reduced prices.
Software  bigclearance.com and overstocks. OEM versions at reduced prices.
Windows  Windows application library. A generic windows applications page.
SIMTEL    Simtel software.
CDW  CDW computer retailer.
CMESYS  CME Systems. Investigative services, hardware, consulting. Located in the UK
Reference  Computer reference page. Quite Inclusive.
DOS  commands and help screens.
File Formats  and file headers, file extension
corteksoft.com  Peek-a-boo software shows the ****** passwords in Windows.
Capital PC User Group (CPCUG) Home Page  Lots of software categories
Forensic Software at Tucofs and other good items.
CYLINK  Cylink Corporation is a provider of commercial information security solutions.
DATMAN  Tape utilities. Installable MS-DOS File System for DAT tapes.
DIBS DIBS forensics software and hardware.
Digitalforensix Forensics software page
DiskJockey  file viewer software. SImilar to Quickview
Tools  in the public domain. For Linux and Windows
downlinx.com  Outlook conversion software from Downlinx. Convert .pst files to access
Driver  guide site. Contains a massive list of software drivers and information.
Drivers Drivers of all types.
Internet  Security site featuring eSafe anti-virus software
EUDORA  Eudora e-mail software.
File Formats  and headers from Hex Workshop. BTW: Excellent hex editor.
Image editor Graphic and image editors and viewers.
funduc.com  Much software. one that will do massive search and replace in files.
ZDNet  Software Library - Top Rated Shareware
Hewlett Packard  Support page
HWINFO  program to display the hardware contents of a computer. SImilar to MSD. However, it is shareware, and not of U.S. origin.
i-c-what-u-c.com  Graphic viewer. Has forensic logging capability.
ipswitch.com  WS_FTP home page. FTP and other network software
WS_FTP  Ipswitch/WS_FTP home page. FTP and other software
JASC  Paint shop Pro, Graphic Viewer, graphics.
Paint Shop JASC Paint Shop Pro, and other graphics packages
jsiinc.com  NT and 2K tips and tricks page.
jsiinc.com  Tips and tricks page. Requires some navigation.
majorgeeks.com  excellent software page.
micro2000uk.co.uk  PC Diagnostic software, plus good glossary.
Microsoft  download center.
microsoft.com  Microsoft easy to find index.
Microsoft Software downloads
microsoft.com  Maintainance Utilities with a lot of excellent and useful stuff.
NT Utilities  directly from Microsoft.
NT Utilities  Microsoft maintainance utilities. A good site
Office  Microsoft free stuff for Office 95 and 97
Office  Microsoft free stuff for Office 95 and 97
Microsoft  Technet
Technet Microsoft TechNet
sysinternals  as of about Oct 2006, sysinternals has been transferred to Microsoft
Modem  resources, includes drivers, specifications, manufacturers, etc
netdemon.net  Netdemon Windows Network toolkit. Has URL decoder.
Backup Novastor and Novaback backup software
Novastor  NovaStor and Novaback, tape and disk backup utilities. For NT, 95, OS2 and others.
oehelp.com  DBXtract Outlook express mail extraction.
oldversion.com  Old versions of software.
opus.co.tt  Lots of DOS software. including Firewire and USB drivers
primopdf.com  Free pdf creator software.
QUALCOMM  Makers of Eudora e-mail software
Qualcomm/Eudora QUALCOMM Makers of Eudora e-mail software
Real RealAudio real audio player.
RealAudio  Real Audio, audio player.
rocketdownload.com Lots of software. Including mailbag assistant.
rocketdownload.com Software site. With lots of good software. With: Mailbag Assistant.
Software site. With lots of good stuff. Has mailbag assistant program.
roth.net  Excellent PERL scripts for a lot of forensic activities.
rsasecurity.com  RSA home page. Encryption, security products
Wardialer  Phonesweep, wardialer for administrators
SCO  Santa Cruz Operation (UNIX) products page.
SCO/UNIX/xenix Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) products page.
securiteam.com  Internet and OS security page.
Tools  of various types from security focus.
shellcity.net  Numerous Windows Shell and other EXCELLENT utilities of all kinds to tweak your system.
shoplet.com Digital hardware/software supplies.
snadboy.com  Revelation software. Shows ****** windows passwords.
somarsoft.com  Site for NT software from SystemTools.com. Includes: DUMPEVT, DUMPREG, DUMPDEC (DUMPACL)
Somarsoft  NT software and security tools from SystemTools.com. Includes: DUMPEVT, DUMPREG, DUMPDEC (DUMPACL)
somarsoft.com  Somarsoft NT progs. Includes: DUMPEVT, DUMPREG, DUMPDEC (DUMPACL)
spychecker.com  Spyware and popup checker page.
surfsaver.com  Surfsaver: Web capturing software package.
sydex.com  Sydex Home Page. Home of Anadisk, Safeback, and others.
Drivers Drivers
sysinternals.com  Excellent NT software.
sysinternals.com  NT software. Some of the best around.
NT Utilities  From sysinternals.com. also check winternals.com
www.systoolsgroup.com  systoolgroup has over 150 file processing/conversion viewers BKF, MDF, OST,PST,Exchange,OLM,MSG,EML,MBOX,Lotus Notes, (1/2014)
mailxaminer  systoolsgroup mailxaminer is comprehensive email examiner program
tenmax.com  Web site capturing / spider software package.
tucows.com  TUCOWS, Collection of Internet, free and useful Software
tucows.com  TUCOWS windows software page.
Software  downloads from U. of Alberta. Has some useful programs, including WSFTP, PUTTY (Telnet) and other common programs.
ugu.com  Unix Guru page. UNIX/Linux help and research
BIOS UNICORE bios upgrades and other diagnostic tools with an excellent bios interrogator program.
usafactoryoutlet.com nbsp;good prices on OEM software.
verisign.com  Verisign Digital signature, ID server.
verisign.com  Verisign Digital signature, ID server.
NetFerret utilities
Software  from WebAttack.com.
webattack.com  Free software site.
webattack.com  Freeware software site.
Freestuf  from webattack.com. Lots of security type software.
File extensions File extensions
BIOS BIOS and motherboard information site.
Drivers Drivers of all kinds.
winternals.com  NT software. Includes NTFDSO software.
Cloudwards VPN  Things to know about cybercrime


Linux  NTFS support and code page.
Linux code and software
Linux  and other security programs. SATAN COPS TCT etc.
Linux HOW TO's.
Linux  Gurus Linux information page.
ugu.com  Unix Guru universe (UGU) page. has over 80 UNIX/Linux flavors.


Forensic software (hardware) and services

NIST  Computer Forensic tool testing site.
computercop.com  ComputerCop Parental and Investigative software. Good for probation officers.
cybersnitch.net  Tucofs Forensic software located at cybersnitch.net
Digitalforensix software resource page for computer forensics
dmares.com  Forensic software, training and analysis.
EMag  Mag tape manipulation and forensics
Forensic Explorer   is a tool for the analysis of electronic evidence
futuredial.com  Cell Phone Service Station. Product to dump contents of cell phones.
hotpepperinc.com  EMail Detective - Forensic Software Tool
HWINFO  program to display the hardware contents of a computer.
ics-iq.com  Intelligent Computer Solutions. Imagemaster hard drive duplicator.
NIST  Software Reference Library page. Designed to collect software for forensic computer processing.
ontrack.com  Ontrack Data recovery software.
Sanderson  Forensics. Paul Sanderson forensics. Great Britain
secure-data.com  New Technologies (NTI). Forensic training and tools.
sydex.com  Sydex.com Home of Anadisk, Safeback imaging software.
www.systoolsgroup.com  systoolgroup has over 150 file processing/conversion viewers BKF, MDF, OST,PST,Exchange,OLM,MSG,EML,MBOX,Lotus Notes, (1/2014)
mailxaminer  systoolsgroup mailxaminer is comprehensive email examiner program
www.wireless-forensics.com  Paraben cell phone forensics reference page

Spam and Anti Spam

anti Spam  information from whew.com.
Spam  hosting domains are listed here. This is a spam fighting site.
Sputum  anti-spam software. Left navigation bar has good links.

Spyware, parental monitoring and keyboard monitors

see also: Child and Family Safety

Appstraka  net monitoring software.
Software  distribution site. Has anti-keylogger section.
3feetunder.com  Contains info on standard startup programs, and programs installed by virus and spyware.
Keylogger  Keystroke logger.
Counterexploitation.com  is a privacy site with spyware information
Privacy Counterexploitation.com is a privacy site. Excellent links to other anti-spam etc. sites. ComputerCop  Parental and Investigative software. Good for probation officers.
Gibson Research  Gibson research anti spyware page.
Optout  spyware information page.
OptOutGibson research. Optout spyware information page from Gibson Research. IOPUS  Keystroke monitoring software page.
Ad-AwareLavasoft software (ad-aware) helps locate and remove spyware from your computer. Surveillance  from OmniQuad. High end monitoring software
pchell.com  HUNTBAR. An especially nasty spyware program installed in MSIE.
safer-networking.org  Home of Spybot Search & Destroy (S&D) spyware removal program.
SnapShot Spy  computer monitoring software
spyany.com  Source of anti spyware and anti virus information
Spyware  and robots database. This company maitains a database of free software that has spyware bots built in.
sysinfo.org  Contains info on startup files installed by virus's and spyware.
Voice  monitoring software page. Records Internet voice traffic from your computer.

State sites.


Georgia  Department of correntions inmate inquiry.
Georgia  GBI Sex Offender page
Texas' Most Wanted  The state of Texas Most Wanted list


Time Servers

World  World time zone map.
greenwichmeantime.com Time zone information.
nist.time.gov  Nist official time clock.
Greenwich  2000 GMT home page
time.greenwich2000.com  Greenwich 2000 GMT home page
tycho.usno.navy.mil  U.S. Naval Observatory Time synchronization software and links.
greenwichmeantime.com  GMT time display
NIST  time synchronization software.
ii-okinawa.ne.jp  Time zone converter
math.ua.edu   atomic clock
ntp.org  Time Server. Atomic clock timer and software links.
time.gov  Time zones of the U.S. with clock
www.timeanddate.com">  Time zone reference information
timeanddate.com Excellent Time zone information. Can customize to your needs.
timeanddate.com/worldclock/  World Time zone display
worldtimezone.com Time zone information. Very colorful map.



Snapview  HTML viewer.
DiskJockey  file viewer software. Similar to Quickview but also views a lot of CAD drawing formats.
HTML  viewer for HTML and images.
i-c-what-u-c.com  Graphic viewer. Has forensic logging capability.
IrfanView  Graphic viewer. Views most graphic files. Reported to be very good.
IrfanView  Graphic viewer. Views most graphic files. Reported to be very good.
Quickview  QuickView Plus file viewer.


Anti Virus  A guide to antivirus software.
Virus  University of North Texas Virus Tools/Hoaxes and Information links.
Symantec  Virus removal tools.
auditmypc.com  Firewall, virus, trojan test and information site
 information, definitions, removal site.
Anti-virus   Dr. Solomon Anti Virus from McAfee.
Anti-virus  ESafe Anti Virus from Aladdin.
Anti-virus  F-PROT F-Prot anti-virusfrom Command software
Gibson  Research.com. An excellent site for internet and firewall testing programs including the shields up test. Especially helpful is the LeakTest  Program.
grisoft.com  very good virus protection. not free
Anti-virus Virus myths. Find if a story is a myth.
McAfee  McAfee software from network associates home page
sans.org  well known virus ports of attack
Norton/Symantec  Norton/Symantec, Norton anti-Virus software
Anti-virus Norton/Symantec virus definitions/updates downloads.
Anti-virus PC-cillin anti-virus.
Vet  VET. Anti Virus software
Myths  Virus myths.


State weather links  Listed in alphabetical order
Weather CAM  Weather cameras from throughout the U.S.
Weather Weather CAMs throughout the U.S.
Selected City temperature  &Text lists of cities and temps and forcasts
Weather Selected City temperature and forcasts.
NOAA National Weather Service (NOAA)
Purdue U. Weather  Purdue University weather site for the U.S.
USA Today  USA Today weather
Weather Agricultural weather from Michigan State University.
AccessAtlanta  Access Atlanta (AJC) weather page.
Access AtlantaAccessAtlanta weather page. Links to other national weather sites
Weather Weather from Miami Herald newspaper.
NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research. (NCAR)
NHC  National Hurricane Center.
Weather  NWS. National Weather Service
National Weather Service  Atlanta office.
NWS National Weather Service Atlanta GA. information.
Weather  UCAR: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR),
USA Today Weather USA Today Weather.
weather.com  Weather Channel home page
Weather Weather Center.com based out of Tampla FL.
Weather Weather Maps


Website software

cws.internet.com  website recording software. Will capture entire websites.
netscape.com  Netscape authoring tools and guide to HTML page.
digitmania.holowww.com  HTML web page digits.
htmlreference.com  HTML reference page
httrack.com  website recording software from httrack.com. Will capture entire websites.
httrack.com  Httrack is a Linux website recording software.
maximumsoft.com  "Webcopier" website recording software called webcopier from maximumsoft.com. Will capture entire websites.
softbytelabs.com  website recording software called blackwidow from softbytelabs.com. Will capture entire websites.
surfsaver.com  website recording software from surfsaver.com. Will capture entire websites.
tenmax.com  teleport website recording software. Captures entire websites.
w3.org  HTML reference page.
websnake.com  website recording software from websnake.com. Will capture entire websites.


Zip / Compression.

picozip.com  Zip utilities and password recovery.
pkware.com  PKZIP utilities.
winzip.com  WINZIP utilities.